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Shattered Perceptions


Ryan look s back st some of de-sparked planeswalkers who have appeared on cards in the aftermath of the Phyrexian invasion earlier this year

Swamp Talk

Unmasking Volrath: The Density of Lore

Kyle atones for his sins and dives deep into the lore of the Rathi Evincar himself, Volrath the Shapechanger.

Prismatic Vistas

K. Arsenault Rivera Interview Part Two, Writing Queer Fantasy

Dora brings us the second part of her phenomenal interview with March of the Machines author K. Arsenault Rivera and Queer Romance!

Prismatic Vistas

K. Arsenault Rivera Interview Part One, Writing March of the Machines

Dora sits down with K. Arsenault Rivera, the author of the March of the Machines storyline, now available online.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Hipsters Presents

Baldur’s Gate: A Story in Cards

Want to understand the backstory from Baldur’s Gate as you crack your new Commander Legends packs? Read our synopsis here!

Goblin Lore

Who Put Their School in My Guild?

The goblins discuss how use of Ravnica guild names as shorthand references for Magic’s color pairs could be facing a paradigm shift.

Hipsters Presents

Dragon Shield Kingdoms Season One: Vicar’s Conquest Brings Their Sleeves to Life

The new podcast tells the stories of characters depicted on Dragon Shield card sleeves!

Drawing Live

Making a Magic Wishlist

We don’t know what Magic’s being made during the pandemic, but we can hope for certain things.


Losing the Thread of Magic Story

What if Magic told stories over multiple sets in a block?

The Long Walk

Protection from Red: A Eulogy for Gideon Jura

We say goodbye to Gideon Jura.

The Long Walk

Protection from Red: Gideon on Kaladesh

What Gideon could not say.