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Bring on the Men

Dora’s seen Magic putting in some work to improve representation but one question still lingers: where are the (gay) men?

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Wild Women: The Top Queer Ladies of Wilds of Eldraine

Dora’s ongoing series evaluating the queer women of Magic’s multiverse continues with her review of Wilds of Eldraine

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Color Combination Names

Dora discusses the challenging barrier of entry into Magic created by the common language around color combinations.

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Making Goldberry, River-Daughter with Marie Magny

Dora talks to artist Marie Magny about her work on Goldberry, River-Daughter and representation in Magic’s artwork

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Celebrating Pride With Original Magic Art

Dora sits down with the creators of the Kickstarter that will make playmats out of art from the Pride Across The Multiverse Secret Lair.

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They Are No Man

Dora is back with her set review focusing on the top ten cards for queer women in the new Tales of Middle Earth expansion!

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Alluring Suitor, Featuring Aishwarya

Dora’s matchmaking column returns where she pairs one lucky dating profile with one of Magic’s Legendary beings for fun and love!

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Chandra and the Pinkertons

Dora explores recent current events involving Wizards of the Coast through the lens of their own fictional storytelling.

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Hot MOMs: The Top 10 Queer Women of March of the Machines

Dora counts down this unique list of queer women from Magic’s latest expansion, March of the Machines!

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K. Arsenault Rivera Interview Part Two, Writing Queer Fantasy

Dora brings us the second part of her phenomenal interview with March of the Machines author K. Arsenault Rivera and Queer Romance!

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K. Arsenault Rivera Interview Part One, Writing March of the Machines

Dora sits down with K. Arsenault Rivera, the author of the March of the Machines storyline, now available online.