Donny Caltrider

Senior Writer


Masterpiece Theater

Marvel Unbound 2022, Cards 93-104

Donny’s series looking at the Marvel Unbound ePack set comes to its epic conclusion, wrapping up this monthly deep dive.

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The Raft of the Medusa

Donny looks at the world of a 19th century painting referenced in a common from Lost Caverns of Ixalan.

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The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Grand Art Tour

Donny takes us on a sprawling journey through the art of Lost Caverns of Ixalan, featuring Magic artists both new and established.

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Choosing Commander Art: Jor Kadeen, First Goldwarden

How do you pick the art for your card choices? Donny takes a deep dive on the options you could find with Jor Kadeen.

Card Kingdom

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Masterpiece Theater

Marvel Unbound 2022, Cards 85-92

Donny looks at the most recent installment of Marvel’s popular trading card series.

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Behind the Brush: Hari & Deepti

Donny takes a look behind the captivating full art basics from Wilds of Eldraine, to see the truth of their unique design.

Breaking News

Magic Introduces New “Play Booster,” Combining Draft and Set Boosters

Play Boosters will have fewer commons, the chance for more rares, cards from The List and Special Guests, as well as Booster Fun variants.

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Secret Layers: Spookydrop 2023

Donny takes a deep dive on the most recent drop of Secret Lair art. New basic lands, classic films, and more.

Art Market Minute

Secret Lair Artist Series: John Avon Original Paintings Hit the Market at MagicCon Las Vegas

The last two Avon originals, Unhinged Island and Lotus Field, sold for $20,000 in 2018 and $40,000 in 2019, respectively.

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The Pervasive Playground of Gary Baseman

Donny takes a dive into the whimsical and imaginative world of Gary Baseman art.

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Secret Lair Artist Series: John Avon, Available October 2

John Avon reveals the emotional stories behind the cards and art in his Secret Lair Artist Series!