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Lurrus of the Dream-Den Unbanned in Vintage

Lurrus was originally banned last year before the companion rule was changed to require three additional mana.

Breaking News

Lurrus of the Dream-Den Banned in Legacy and Vintage, Zirda, the Dawnwaker Banned in Legacy

Two of the ten companions from Ikoria have now been banned in at least one format.


Next Banned and Restricted Update Scheduled for Monday 5/18

Lurrus of the Dream-Den had a good run, but it’s living on borrowed time in Legacy and Vintage.

Commander Academy

Introduction to Canadian Highlander

Play the format of powerful singleton duels!

Card Kingdom

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Wrenn and Six Banned in Legacy, Narset, Parter of Veils Restricted in Vintage

It was a bad day for cheap planeswalkers.

Breaking News

Karn, the Great Creator, Mystic Forge, Mental Misstep, and Golgari Grave-Troll Restricted in Vintage, Fastbond Unrestricted

Wizards added three cards to Vintage’s restricted list.

Eternal Durdles

Vintage Kicks and New Set Spice

Nate talks about a paper Vintage League in Texas and joins Zac to talk about from interesting hits from the new set!

Vintage Super League

Andreas Petersen, VSL Season 9 Champion

Petersen defeated Rachel Agnes in the finals.

Vintage Super League

Vintage Super League Season 9 Finals Decklists

It’s time for the finals!

Eternal Durdles

Eric Vergo Takes a Break

Nate, Zac, and Phil check in with Eric Vergo to discuss his up coming trip and how he feels about Legacy and Vintage right now.

Vintage Super League

Vintage Super League Season 9 Semifinals Recap

Both Rachel Agnes and Andreas Petersen advanced to the finals.