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Lowry Muses

Reviewing the Modern Banlist

Lowry has a look at the Modern ban list, and wonders what might be able to depart it.

Casual Black Magic

Blue-Red Faeries in Modern

Faeries in Modern, at this time of year, in this current meta, localized across from Orcish Bowmasters? Sam would like to see.

Breaking News

Preordain Unbanned in Modern, Mind’s Desire Unbanned in Legacy

Preordain was banned in 2011 in order to reign in Storm and Splinter Twin decks, while Mind’s Desire was banned six days after its release in 2003.


Jake Beardsley Wins Pro Tour The Lord of the Rings

Beardsley won the event with Rakdos Evoke. It was both his first Pro Tour and his birthday weekend.

Card Kingdom

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A Hose by Any Other Name, Part Two

Rob continues his journey through the history of Magic cards designed to wreck another color’s day, kicking off with Zendikar


A Hose by Any Other Name, Part One

Rob dives into the history of Magic design going all the way back to Richard Garfield’s intent before talking about the Modern philosophies.


Refreshing Yourself from the Firehose

Rob takes a break from the deluge of new product previews and reviews to talk about Modern Horizons design elegance.

Far Wanderings

Modern, A Format I Once Knew

Travis looks at the story of Rip Van Winkle, and how it relates to people the Modern format left behind in early 2020.


The Best Magic Cards Of The Last 10 Years

Rob revisits the most impactful and important Magic cards printed in each of the last ten years.


Doubling Down On Double Masters

Double Masters 2022 reprints some popular cards. Here are the ones Rob is excited to pick up.


Getting Obnoxious With Ob Nixilis

They keep printing Jund sacrifice fodder and we keep shuffling up.