Drawing Live

10 Years of Drawing Live

After 10 years, Drawing Live is coming to a close.

Design of a Card: Invasion of Gobakhan (Exclusive Official Preview Card)

Zach dives into the new Battle mechanic and the design space it opens up, including a look at our official preview card!

Design of a Card: Experimental Augury

Zach breaks down the design of this Phyrexian Anticipate/Impulse variant and dives into the value of proliferating.

The Joy of Unsanctioned

Zach turns back time and revisits the Magic of his youth with a sealed box of Unsanctioned.

Card Kingdom

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Mechanics in Review: The Brothers’ War

Zach delivers a thoughtful and candid look on The Brothers’ War’s mechanics.

Mechanics in Review: Dominaria United

Now well beyond Dominaria United, Zach delivers a thoughtful and candid look on the main set mechanics.

The Mechanics of Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Oil, poison, and shouting with the Mirrans. Zach covers the new and returning designs seen in our trip back to Phyrexia.

Setting 2023 Up For Success

Zach looks forward to 2023, discussing where to find peace and enjoyment in the current Magic landscape.

2022 Limited in Review: Part 2

Zach closes out his two-part review of Limited in 2022.

2022 Limited in Review: Part 1

Zach takes us through the highs and lows of Limited in 2022.

Unfinity Retrospective

How does Unfinity stack up against the other Un-sets? Where did it fail to stick the landing?