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Taya Takes Over

The slivers gather once more to—wait, slivers?!

Goblin Lore

Insert Episode Title Here

Last week, in typical goblin fashion, our best laid plans failed to come together.

Goblin Lore

We Got a Mailbag Episode!

The goblins reached out to our Discord (and our Twitter) and solicited Mailbag Questions!

Goblin Lore

So Many Vials to Smash

Taya and Alex profile everyone’s favorite goblin with wild hair, Vial Smasher.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Goblin Lore

Calibrating the Hedonistic Balance

The goblins look ahead to 2023 and discuss plans for the cast.

Goblin Lore

It’s a Holiday in the Multiverse

The goblins take a whimsical look at how the multiverse might celebrate special dates as well as some real wold discussion about the stress of the holidays.

Goblin Lore

How Hobbes Sparked

How did Hobbes get into psychology?

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More of Goblin Lore’s Top 10s?

The goblins lost count of all their Top 10s.

Goblin Lore

Top 5 of Goblin Lore’s Top 10s

The goblins say congrats to Hipsters of the Coast on reaching 10 years of producing content. Better late than never!

Goblin Lore

Impostors Are We

Chase, Reinhardt, and the goblins explore imposter syndrome.

Goblin Lore


Dan Sheehan stops by and talk about his role in creating the world around Squee.