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Daretti…Nothing Else is Needed

Taya discusses one of her favorite Goblins and decks: Daretti. We need a lot more Daretti lore, y’all!

Goblin Lore

Episode 200!

The goblins celebrate their 200th episode by sharing their individual Top 200 Magic Cards of All Time!

Goblin Lore

Walking the Wilds with Kyra

Taya sits down with K Arsenault Rivera, author of the Wilds of Eldraine story, to talk about how things are going in the fairytale plane of Eldraine.

Goblin Lore

There’s a lot of Magic Happening

The goblins discuss the recent announcements from Gen Con about Magic’s upcoming slate for the next three years.

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Obligatory Anime Episode

The goblins are talking about anime in like of the new anime variants coming with Wilds of Eldraine!

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The 5th Anniversary is Upon Us

As the goblins turn five, they take the opportunity to discuss what the show means to them.

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Who Put Lord of the Rings into Our Magic?

For the first time in two months the full contingent of the goblins are together! This week, they discuss The Lord of the Rings and Magic.

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Karn and the Nature of Guilt

Hobbes takes a personal dive into depression and guilt through the lens of our canonical depressed golem.

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Magic Metaphysics

The goblins discuss how some of the real world game mechanics of Magic exist in the fictional universe.

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What Comes Next? (Villain Edition)

Now that the Phyrexians have joined Bolas and Emrakul in time out, what villains will be stepping up to the plate in the Magic story?

Goblin Lore

Odes to Joy

The goblins discuss mental health recovery and what sparks joy for them.