Kyle Winkler


Swamp Talk

Gray Merchant of Asphodel

Kyle explores Devotion to Black through the perspective of one of Magic’s most iconic creatures to bear that mechanic.

Swamp Talk

Smallpox: Mutually Assured Destruction

Kyle looks at the design and symbolism of Smallpox, to show how disease creates balance in a game of Magic.

Swamp Talk

Necropotence: The Lopsided Power of Death

Kyle looks at how Necropotence demonstrates a chaotic balance of life and death.

Swamp Talk

Facing What Rises From the Bog

Kyle looks at Bojuka Bog, and how it both removes and preserves the things we remember.

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Hipsters Presents

Laughs and Gaming over Wins and Prestige–Interview with James Parsons of Sapphire City

Kyle brings us the insights of an owner of a unique small business.

Swamp Talk

Growth, Play, and Starting Magic at 40

Kyle finds unexpected direction among dragons, wizards, and recapturing a sense of play.

Swamp Talk

Give Up the Little Things to the Emptiness

Join Kyle for a close look at the psychology, metaphilosophy, and poetry of the black Magic: The Gathering cards.