The Mythic Championship V Standard Metagame is Over 40% Golos and Field of the Dead

Over 40% of the field is playing Golos, 70% are playing a ramp archetype, and only 9% aren’t playing Green.

The Elusive White Whale

Why has white been so bad in Limited for so long?

Everything You Need to Know About Mythic Championship V

Best-of-3 Standard Constructed at Thunder StudiosĀ in Long Beach, CA starts Friday, October 18.

Climbing to Mythic on Arena in Standard

Climbing to Mythic with Questing Beast.

Card Kingdom

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Commander: Top 5 Sidekicks

Who are the best squadmates to accompany your Commander on the battlefield?

Pulling the RUG with Delver in Legacy

How to play the best deck in Legacy!

Modern Horizons Sucks

Jerry and Patrick talk Legacy, the state of the format, and football!

Wizards Teases “Mystery Booster” with Events at MagicFest Richmond and PAX Unplugged

Wizards revealed no details other than that they will be playable in Draft and Sealed formats.

Wizards Announces Unsanctioned, an Un-Box Set

A box set with five 30-card un-decks that will release on Leap Day, February 29, 2020.

Bant Golos Dominates Week 1 Standard

Week 1 is the best time for hyperbole and quick judgments about how awful the Standard format is.

Modern Brewing: An UrzaDox Story

Urchin Colley shares her brewing process for the Modern Urza Paradoxical Outcome deck.