Make Pioneer the True Zombie Format with Lurrus

When you absolutely, positively must play Lurrus of the Dream-Den in every format.

Robert Wilson, BCD Legacy, and the Deli Meta

Robert Wilson joins the cast to talk about the Buffalo Chicken Dip Legacy event, scheduled for January 29th in Ohio.

Dragon Shield Art Sleeves, Volume 3

The latest set of dragonized historical works of art include Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Design of a Card: Key to the Archive

Zach finally got to play with Arena’s newest mechanic—spellbooks—thanks to Arena Cube.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Exploring the 2020 Marvel Masterpieces—Sketch Card Showcase #3

Kick off your year in style with the latest entry in our Sketch Card Showcase!

Back From the Dead

Jerry and Pat sit down with Cantrip Cartell cohost Jake Arthurs.

The Road to Kamigawa—Higure the Unblockable

Block or don’t block: there is no good answer against these mono-blue ninja.

Mindfully Entering 2022

This week’s episode is a return to the topics of resolutions and goal setting.

2021 Mechanics in Review—Crimson Vow

Blood, Training, and Cleave go under the spotlight.

Seven Cards in Search of a Retrospective

The Wheel of Fortune spins again and deals out this memorable hand, even as a snap mulligan in real life.

Mirror Gallery Reflections 2021

Donny reviews his copious output from the long year that is about to end.