Magic Product Release Super Saturation Hype

Since 2016, Magic has annual broken its own records for the amount of Magic released. Can we handle the hype?

The Most Important Cards in Standard

Teferi, Time Raveler may be the defining card of the format, but plenty of other cards help shape it, too.

Four Noah Bradley Land Paintings from Modern Horizons Sell for $19,320 Combined

They were Nurturing Peatland, Barren Moor, Secluded Steppe, and Tranquil Thicket.

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Join Our Mythic Championship III Las Vegas Fantasy Leagues!

You could win a sealed Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition!

Everything You Need to Know About Mythic Championship III Las Vegas

Best-of-3 Standard at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center starts Friday, June 21.

The World Must Know What is Happening in Hong Kong

Lee Shi Tian writes about what sparked the protests in Hong Kong over the last week and why he’s defending his democratic rights.

Season One Mailbag

Zack answers reader mailbag questions about his season one on the Star City Games tour.

Rugved Karhade

Rugved Karhade joins the cast to chat about Legacy and brewing with Dreadhorde Arcanist.