Design of a Card: Jeskai Elder

Jeskai Elder is one of the most fascinating almost-good enough designs of all time.

What Character Should You Play In DNF Duel, Part 1

Lowry gives early impressions of half the cast from their favorite new game.

LaL Open Winner Michael Munchbach

This week we have our most recent Leaving a Legacy Open Champion, Michael Munchbach, on to talk about his run at the LAL Open form this past weekend!

Secret Layers June 2022 Super Drop

These artists have created artworks that serve as love letters to their involvement with Magic: The Gathering.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Risk Management and Commandfests

Hobbes recently attended the Commandfest in Richmond and wanted to discuss risk management and personal decision making.

The Circles of Phyrexia

Prepare yourself for the coming hell of Phyrexia with this examination of its nine circles inspired by Dante.

Into The Rupleverse

Today we focus on the sketch card subculture that is very much a part of the larger Marvel card universe, beginning with artist Johnathan Ruple.

On Our Way to the Open with Joe Dyer

Roland stops in to talk about the NYC legacy scene, the latest B&R announcement, and the LaL Open.

The Dawn of DNF Duel

DNF Duel releases on June 28th, and Lowry is excited to compete in it for years to come.

Izzet June—Brudiclad and Clones

The second half of Izzet June might look the same as the first, but that’s just the token copies your deck will be spewing out each turn.

New Masters Sets, Same as the Old

With Double Masters 2022 coming around the bend, there’s discourse in the air.