Design of a Card: Gilt-Leaf Winnower

Some card designs communicate a single concept with astounding clarity.

The Modern Metagame Evolves

Modern continues to exist, apparently.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Wizards of the Coast Eliminates MSRP for Products Beginning with War of the Spark

The change comes at a time when Wizards has been building more direct sales partnerships with online retailers.

Phil’s LazavNaught

Nate, Zac, and Phil breakdown Phil’s Recent iteration of LazavNaught that scored Phil a recent Top 8. Zac discusses the recent episode of Top Down Legacy Podcast.

A Little Off the Top

Never stop topdecking.

Isperia, Supreme Judge by Lucas Graciano Sells for $2,750

It was the only work by Graciano from Ravnica Alllegiance available at auction.

SCG Baltimore Winner Liz Lynn

She won playing UB Shadow in her team’s Legacy seat.

Nexus of Gates: The Complete Guide

The ultimate guide for playing Nexus of Gates in Standard this weekend at Magic Fest Memphis.

Nexus of Fate Banned from Best-of-1 Standard on MTG Arena

The card had been the bane of MTG Arena Standard since the printing of Wilderness Reclamation.