MTG Arena Plane-Cation Chronicles Summer Event Revealed

MTG Arena’s summer Plane-Cation event has been unveiled. Check out the details for how you can win Mastery Pass XP and Basic Land Styles.

Magic’s Next Set Will be Throne of Eldraine

The art for Throne of Eldraine focuses on Faeries but it won’t be set on Lorwyn.

Commander 2019 Deck Themes (Potentially) Revealed

The four decks will each be based around one four mechanics: populate, flashback, morph, and madness.

Kestia, Umbra Queen

Kestia would like to speak to you about enchantments.

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Former MTG Pro Conley Woods Arrested for Sexual Assault in Santa Fe

He was arrested early last Sunday and accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Team Modern Super League 2 Week 8 Recap

Did Stream Team or Scary Pterrys get the win to stay alive in the league?

Finally, a Unified Pauper Format

While we were busy, Wizards announced it was unifying the Pauper card pool!

Protection from Red: Gideon on Zendikar

Part three in a series dedicated to the life of Gideon Jura.

The Art of Second Place in Commander

New Column! (How to Disappear Completely.)

Don’t Play These Legacy Decks at SCG Philadelphia

Some decks to avoid in the Legacy seat at SCG Philadelphia.

Team Modern Super League 2 Week 8 Decklists

Modern looks like fun now that the Hogaak menace has been tamed!