Goblin Lore

The Color Pie of Snacks

The goblins use the color pie to discuss one of their Top 3 Topics—food.

Yahenni and the Aetherborn

The goblins discuss the Aetherborn, especially through the lens of Yahenni, and representations of queerness in Magic.

Third Anniversary Blowout Extravaganza

Chase joins the goblins to discuss a bunch of categories submitted by listeners of Top 3s.

Wizards Gave Us a Preview Card?

The goblins show off their preview card from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

Card Kingdom

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I Hadn’t Really Thought of That

Reinhardt Suarez joins the cast once again to talk about the stories he has written for Strixhaven.

The Mental Health Month Giveaway!

The goblins conclude Mental Health Month with a giveaway.

Jeff Laubenstein and the Goblin Tokens

The goblins are joined by Magic Artist—and adopted goblin—Jeff Laubenstein.

Taya Transcends Narset and Autism

The goblins are joined by the fantastic force known as Taya from the Loregoyfs.

Chase is Back to Talk Burnout!

Chase returns to help the goblins revisit a topic from way back in Episode 30—burnout.

Mental Health Awareness with ALK Alters

May is Mental Health Awareness Month so the goblins are covering some important topics around mental health.

Things That Make You Go Squee

The Goblins profile one of their favorite fellow Goblins—and the winner of Mark Rosewater’s Head to Head of Famous Goblins—Squee!