Goblin Lore

Impostors Are We

Chase, Reinhardt, and the goblins explore imposter syndrome.


Dan Sheehan stops by and talk about his role in creating the world around Squee.

Let the Spice8Rack Flow!

The worlds of goblins collide when the Goblin Lore podcast pairs up with Spice8Rack and talk all things goblin.

What’s in a Prophecy?

Tim Niederriter joins the goblins to talk about the story of the set Prophecy.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Where Does This Portal Go?

Reinhardt Suarez returns to discuss the fantasy sub-genre of “portal fantasy” and how it relates to origin stories of Planeswalkers.

The Reflection of a Mirror Breaker with the Gruulboss

The goblins profile one of the most famous of their tribe—Kiki-Jiki!

Paddington the Planeswalking Bear

Paddington Bear has been cropping up across the multiverse lately. The goblins sat down with the creator of these amazing arts to ask the important questions!

Risk Management and Commandfests

Hobbes recently attended the Commandfest in Richmond and wanted to discuss risk management and personal decision making.

Happy 4th Anniversary

The goblins bring some Goblin Chaotic Energy to their 4th anniversary celebration.

The Reflection of a Mirror Breaker with Mab the Queen

The goblins are back with another Goblin Profile.

What Even is Time?

The goblins discuss cognitive distortions/common mistakes in thinking.