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Color Commontary

On Variants in Pauper

Mike and Adrian talk about what makes the difference in specific archetypes for their respective sub-archetypes.

Leaving a Legacy


Jerry and Patrick sit down with Legacy specialist and perennial trophy chaser LewisCBR.

Color Commontary

Checking in on Pauper Challenges

It’s been a minute here since we checked in on the state of organized play for Pauper!

Leaving a Legacy

Mike Noble

Jerry and Patrick sit down with Legacy aficionado Mike Noble

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Color Commontary

Ultimate Masters Pauper Set Review

Mike and Adrian review how Ultimate Master will impact Pauper.

Leaving a Legacy

LaL Open Winner Ross McGee

Ross bested over 100 players with his take on Grixis Delver.

Color Commontary

Penultimate Masters

Mike and Adrian talk Fire // Ice and Temur Tron.

Leaving a Legacy

Cyrus CG Returns

EW 2018 Legacy finalist Cyrus Corman-Gill joins the cast.

Kitchen Table Magic

Gavin Verhey Says Travel the World

Sam interviews Gavin Verhey about his philosophy designing Magic and his adventures traveling around the world.

Color Commontary

Organized Play Changes Featuring TheMaverickGirl

Kendra Smith, AKA: TheMaverickGirl, joins the podcast.

Leaving a Legacy

Anthony Laverde

Storm aficionado Anthony Laverde joins the cast.