Prismatic Vistas

Discovering Ixalan with Valerie Valdes

Dora dares to dive deeper into the lost dark, dank, daunting caverns of Ixalan with Magic story writer Valerie Valdes!

Caparocti Sunborn (Official Lost Caverns of Ixalan Preview Card)

Dora introduces us all to Caparocti Sunbon, our official preview card courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

Top Ten Queer Ladies Found in A Thrift Store Bin

Is there anything better than the combination of hunting for queer ladies and going to thrift stores? What if the ladies were on cardboard?

Eldraine Story Deep Dive: Beauty and the Werefox

Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time, but can Wizards creative team do it justice as they re-envision the classic for Eldraine?

Card Kingdom

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Bring on the Men

Dora’s seen Magic putting in some work to improve representation but one question still lingers: where are the (gay) men?

Wild Women: The Top Queer Ladies of Wilds of Eldraine

Dora’s ongoing series evaluating the queer women of Magic’s multiverse continues with her review of Wilds of Eldraine

Color Combination Names

Dora discusses the challenging barrier of entry into Magic created by the common language around color combinations.

Making Goldberry, River-Daughter with Marie Magny

Dora talks to artist Marie Magny about her work on Goldberry, River-Daughter and representation in Magic’s artwork

Celebrating Pride With Original Magic Art

Dora sits down with the creators of the Kickstarter that will make playmats out of art from the Pride Across The Multiverse Secret Lair.

They Are No Man

Dora is back with her set review focusing on the top ten cards for queer women in the new Tales of Middle Earth expansion!

Alluring Suitor, Featuring Aishwarya

Dora’s matchmaking column returns where she pairs one lucky dating profile with one of Magic’s Legendary beings for fun and love!