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Odds of Victory for all 24 Magic World Championship Competitors

Check out our completely unofficial odds for all 24 Magic World Championship competitors heading into this weekend’s title event in Boston.

Celebrating 25 Years of Magic the Gathering at HasCon

Take a look at the 25th Anniversary Celebration and learn a bit about our journey to HasCon

Unstable’s Borderless, Full-Art Lands

David examines the new set of borderless full-art lands announced for Unstable at HasCon.

Magic’s 25th Anniversary Panel at Hascon 2017

Wizards of the Coast is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Magic: the Gathering at Hascon 2017!

Grand Prix Denver Top 16 Metagame

The Top 16 decks of Grand Prix Denver were extremely diverse.

10 Cards You Didn’t Know Were Still In Standard

Playing Grand Prix Denver this weekend? We have some suggestions.

A Different Approach to Standard

Roman Fusco piloted Dan Ward’s Azorius Approach of the Second Sun deck to the top eight of the Standard Classic at SCG Syracuse. And he has opinions.

Grand Prix Minneapolis Restaurant Primer

Minnesota Commander expert Alex Szeto provides the primer on where to eat at Grand Prix Minneapolis this weekend.

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Top 8

You don’t want to miss this insane Top 8.

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Day 2

All of the action from Day 2 of PT Hour of Devastation.

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Day 1

Slept through Day 1 of the Pro Tour? We’ve got you covered.

Paul Jordan’s 2017 Pro Tour Hall of Fame Breakdown

Paul Jordan dives deep into this year’s Pro Tour Hall of Fame ballot and breaks down a variety of statistics and other qualities of the candidates