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Magic: The Gathering Illustrates the Hierarchy of Genres

JDB takes a look at the classical Hierarchy of Genres, a means of categorizing the importance of artwork, and applies it to Magic illustration

The Standard Cube, Part 2 – The Cube

Now for the final result, Zac Hill’s Standard Cube and the approaches taken to accomplish defining and creating this cube.

The Standard Cube, Part 1 – The Standard Format

You may have heard that Standard is dying but Zac Hill is here to resuscitate it and breathe new life into Standard.

Why Can’t Anyone Buy Lorcana Cards Right Now?

Have you tried buying Lorcana cards lately? Noticed that boxes are selling for triple the MSRP? What’s going on anyways?

Card Kingdom

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The 11 Most Flavorful Cards from Lorcana: The First Chapter

Lorcana is built on top of Disney’s decades of beloved stories. What are the cards that best live up to the characters in the films?

How Magic: The Gathering Says Goodbye

In light of Sheldon Menery’s passing, John Dale Beety explores how Magic represents, celebrates, and honors death.

Three Attitudes Toward the Past

There’s nothing like standing next to a real-life Dolmen Gate to inspire thoughts on how Magic settings treat the past. […]

Why I Could Not Coach You

Benton Madsen finished second to Reid Duke at Pro Tour Phyrexia: All Will Be One and is here to share his advice from his success.

Ghalta and Mavren (and the Money Man Who Made Them)

John Dale takes us on a deep numismatic dive for a depiction of an unlikely pair.

It’s Easy Being Green: The Best Green Commons of Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Hugh takes us through the heavy-hitters found in the common slot of this new Limited environment.

Still Forsaken? Nissa and Chandra and LGBTQ Representation in Magic: The Gathering

Dora joins Hipsters of the Coast to explore Magic’s most prominent LGBTQ relationship between Nissa and Chandra