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Casual Black Magic

Standard No Longer Makes Sense for Magic

Sam takes a look at Standard and wonders if its even a format worth saving or if its better to let it ride off into the sunset.

Hipsters Presents

The Standard Cube, Part 2 – The Cube

Now for the final result, Zac Hill’s Standard Cube and the approaches taken to accomplish defining and creating this cube.

Hipsters Presents

The Standard Cube, Part 1 – The Standard Format

You may have heard that Standard is dying but Zac Hill is here to resuscitate it and breathe new life into Standard.


Plaguing it Safe

Rob has a new standard brew inspired by… the black death? Am I reading this right? Rob, are you okay? Blink once if…

Card Kingdom

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The Lure of the Goyf

Rob takes Standard’s newest Goyf legacies for a spin but will the resulting deck live up to its most infamous predecessors?


Jean-Emmanuel Depraz Wins World Championship XXIX

The new Wold Champion won it all with Esper Legends, defeating Kazune Kosaka’s Esper Midrange deck in the finals.

15 Wins

Midweek Magic: Standard Days

Jump into standard in this week’s Midweek Magic with mono-Red burn!


The Most Fun You Can Have in Standard

What can your opponent do when your deck is full of bombs? Welcome to the most fun you can have in Standard!


Magic Will Move to Once-a-Year Banned and Restricted Updates, Plus Emergency Updates with Each New Set

Wizards will be moving to a one-yearly scheduled Banned and Restricted update, with mini-updates possible three weeks after each new set.


Nathan Steuer Wins Pro Tour March of the Machine

The Magic: The Gathering World Champion won the tournament Rakdos Midrange and four copies of Fable of the Mirror-Breaker.

Breaking News

Magic’s Standard Format Will Move to a 3-Year Rotation Cycle in the Fall

Standard has used a two-year rotation cycle since its inception in 1995—though this isn’t the first time Wizards has tried to make a change.