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Shattered Perceptions


Ryan looks at desparked planeswalkers, and tracks their mechanical journey from their prior designs.

Rally the Rankings

Rally The Rankings: Best March of the Machine: Aftermath Cards

Ryan takes a look at some standout cards from the 50-card mini set, including a dinosaur thopter coming to a table near you.

Casual Black Magic

My Experience with Oathbreaker

Sam shares their firsthand experiences playing Oathbreaker, fresh off the format receiving official recognition from Wizards of the Coast.

Rally the Rankings

Rally the Rankings: Best Oathbreaker Planeswalkers

Planeswalkers, signature spells, and the spiciest of combos. Ryan takes us on a quick tour of the powerful options in Oathbreaker.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Hipsters Presents

Every Jace Planeswalker Card Ranked

Guaranteed to be both very surprising and not surprising at all, depending on where you look.

Cosplay of the Multiverse

Taking Time with Teferi

Zenaide speaks with the famous time-bending planeswalker himself!

The Long Walk

Protection from Red: Gideon on Kaladesh

What Gideon could not say.

The Long Walk

Protection from Red: Gideon on Ravnica

Something is rotten on Ravnica. And on Zendikar. Gideon is on the job. Both jobs.

Leveling Up

Beating Planeswalkers—Building Your Own Immortal Sun

How to fight the planeswalker menace.

Story Circle

Wonder About the Wanderer

Carmen Sandiego called, and she wants her schtick back.

Scry Five

What the War of the Spark Trailer Tells Us

Beck is back with a hot Spark take!