Swamp Talk

Our Dark Ritual

What’s your Dark Ritual? What little prayer to you whisper to unspeakable and unnameable gods in search of three black mana?

Songs of Grief, Songs of the Swamp

Kyle explores Magic’s art of grief and swamps and the deeper resonance we all share with the falling of leaves, and the changing of seasons.

Ode to a Deck: Pit Rack

This isn’t a deck tech. It’s a love letter from Kyle to one of his most beloved decks of all time. Bottomless Pit. The Rack. Pit Rack.

Enchantment Lack in Black

Kyle has decided that the time has arrived to come face-to-face with a burning question: Why can’t Black destroy enchantments?

Card Kingdom

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The Best Black Card? Cabal Therapy

Kyle’s exploration of Magic’s color of greed has brought him to an inevitable conclusion. The best Black card in Magic is Cabal Therapy.

Bodies Bodies Bodies: Tombstone Stairwell

Kyle goes deep into the vault for a new idea for a Pre-Modern aggro black zombie build with Tombstone Stairwell

It’s Not You, It’s Me: Archfiend of Ifnir

Kyle explores his emotional connection between the Archfiend of Ifnir and how its mechanics represent certain parts of his personality.

Head Games

Kyle digs into the Magic archives to find a black card unlike any other, quirky yet distinctly black: Head Games.

Bye Bye, Land: Fulminator Mage

After stepping out of his mono-Black comfort zone, Kyle gives Red a try and is inspired to explore Rakdos and Fulminator Mage

Don’t Phase Me, Bro!: Oubliette

Kyle takes a deep dive into an Oubliette. We mean the card Oubliette. Not an actual… Kyle’s fine. We promise.

Travis’s Magical Tin of Black Cards

Kyle receives a gift from fellow Hipster contributor Travis. A mysterious tin filled with the stuff of nightmares.