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2019 Magic World Championship Delayed Until February 2020

It’s delay was revealed as part of today’s massive Organized Play announcements.


The Magic Pro League’s Eldraine Split Starts October 5

Division winners will advance directly to Day 2 of Mythic Championship VII in December.

Nova's Playbook

Is Hogaak Worth it in Legacy Dark Depths?

Hogaak is dominating in Modern, but is it worth it to add it to Legacy Dark Depths?

Goblin Lore

Born a Gamblin’ Gob

The goblins discuss one their cousins from Mirrodin, Krark.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Modern Super League

Team Modern Super League 2 Semifinals 1 Decklists

Mage Market goes deep, while the Stream Team is all business.

MTG Arena

Ranked Ladder Fact-Checking

There is a lot of speculation about how MTG Arena’s ranking system works. Edo looks for some answers.


Hogaak Continues to Dominate Modern at GP Minneapolis

It was nearly 20% of the Day 2 metagame and five of the Top 8 decks.


Commander 2019 is Utter Madness

Life may overwhelm you with choices, but you can do the same to your opponents.


Carlos Romão Wins the Pearl Division in the MPL’s Core Split

Romão played Orzhov Vampires in both the round robin and Top 4 matches.

Nova's Playbook

Defending the Land(s)

Lands are back on the menu, boys!

Legion's Landing

The Power of Recursion: Bolstering Boros

How to build a graveyard recursion strategy in Red and White.