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Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 13: Wassail!

Wassail away with me!

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 12: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Breaking News

Emma Handy and Jess Estephan Depart the Magic Rivals League

Handy has been hired by Wizards, while Estephan’s current immigration status doesn’t allow her to work.

Art Market Minute

Two Wylie Beckert Paintings Sell for a Combined $33,200

Thwart the Grave soldfor $15,600, while Reclaim the Wastes sold for $17,600. Both pieces were in Zendikar Rising.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 11: The Thing in the Ice

More snow permanents, more questionable shenanigans.

Leaving a Legacy

Joseph Dyer, Devourer of Data

Joseph Dyer joins the cast to talk about The Mandalorian…among other things.

Breaking News

Wizards Announces 3 More Artists That Will Get Their Own Secret Lair Drops

Sam Burley, Nils Hamm, and Chris Rahn will all get their very own Artist Series drops.

Shattered Perceptions

Commanding Drana, Old Style

Go back to the days of original Zendikar to build a still-viable mono-black deck around Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief.

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 10: A Snowy Evening

Put your opponents on thin ice with this jumpstart pack!

Commander Academy

A Beginner’s Guide to Premodern

Dust off your playsets of Survival of the Fittest and Decree of Justice!

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 9: The Table of Plenty

Guess who’s coming to dinner!