Six of the powerful new reprints from Wilds of Eldraine’s “Enchanting Tales” bonus sheet will immediately be banned in Historic upon the set’s release on MTG Arena.

Those six cards are: Spreading Seas, Blood Moon, Necropotence, Sneak Attack, Land Tax, plus a sixth that hasn’t been previewed yet.

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While the reasoning for banning most of those cards is pretty straightforward—they are some of the most powerful cards ever printed in Magic—Wizards did provide a bit of context for why they were banning Spreading Seas and Blood Moon, two less obviously powerful cards. According to Blake Rasmussen, Senior Communications Manager for Magic, “Messing with mana is not something [the Arena team is] super interested in.”

What is the Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet?

Wilds of Eldraine will have a bonus sheet called “Enchanting Tales.” Bonus sheets are “extra” cards that are added to booster packs that aren’t technically in the main set because they are too powerful for Standard or just didn’t fit in the theme of the set.

Enchanting Tales will feature 63 powerful enchantments that will not be Standard-legal. They will have storybook-inspired artwork and a special frame—and 20 of these Enchanting Tales will also have special borderless anime variants!

Check out some of the Enchanting Tales that will be banned in Historic below:

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