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Jumpstart My Historic Heart

Seek and you shall find digital-only mechanics coming to Historic.

Leaving a Legacy

The History of Legacy “Flash Hulk” Feat Adam Barnello

This week Pat and Jerry dive into the past of Legacy and chat about the short lived life of Flash Hulk with our resident Magic historian Adam Barnello.

Shattered Perceptions

The Wily Illusions of Minn

Ryan has a special brew featuring Mono Blue beatdown with illusion tokens!

None Shall Pass Bombs

My Venture Into the Forgotten Realms

Green and white two drops get the job done in Carrie’s first Adventures in the Forgotten Realms draft on Arena.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Drawing Live

The State of Magic in 2021

Magic got a lot right this past year and made a fair amount of mistakes.

Romancing P3K

Three Kingdoms, Part 4—The Empire, Long Divided, Must Unite

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms closes with failure and loss—and the eternal cycle of the Zodiac.

Art Market Minute

Dan Frazier’s Secret Lair Signets Sell for a Combined $74,800

The 10 Signets were released in two Secret Lair drops last month.

Leaving a Legacy

Brian Coval Returns!

This week Pat and Jerry have a fantastic content creator and judge on to chat, Brian Coval!

Mirror Gallery

Mirror Gallery Mailbag

Donny answers his readers’ art-related questions.

Art Market Minute

Marvel Masterpieces 2020 at Rehs Contemporary, L.A. Art Show

The gallery Rehs Contemporary will be exhibiting a dozen paintings by Dave Palumbo.

Drawing Live

Historic and Digital Divergence

With 31 digital-only cards and three digital-only mechanics, Jumpstart: Historic Horizons rocks the boat more than the usual Arena announcement.