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Casual Black Magic

The Politics of Information in Commander

Sam discusses their strategies for bluffing the counterspell to counter your opponent’s counter that is going to counter a threat.

Commander Corner

Deck Tech: The Second Doctor & Susan Foreman

Looking for Doctor Who builds? Look no further than this guide to building a Second Doctor deck with the First Doctor’s companion.

Casual Black Magic

Standard No Longer Makes Sense for Magic

Sam takes a look at Standard and wonders if its even a format worth saving or if its better to let it ride off into the sunset.

Mizz Mizzet's Guide to Magical Manners

Polite Post-Election Playgroups

Do you struggle to plan polite Magic sessions when your group contains differing political views? Mizz Mizzet is here to help!

Card Kingdom

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Faces of Death

To celebrate Halloween, Rob looks at all the death and violence and ultimately all the ways a planeswalker can die in a game of Magic.

Casual Black Magic

Goblin Bombardment in Pre-Modern

It’s important to be able to find inspiration from weird places.  At CubeCon, I drafted a couple different cubes with […]

Hipsters Presents

The Standard Cube, Part 2 – The Cube

Now for the final result, Zac Hill’s Standard Cube and the approaches taken to accomplish defining and creating this cube.

Hipsters Presents

The Standard Cube, Part 1 – The Standard Format

You may have heard that Standard is dying but Zac Hill is here to resuscitate it and breathe new life into Standard.

Swamp Talk

Songs of Grief, Songs of the Swamp

Kyle explores Magic’s art of grief and swamps and the deeper resonance we all share with the falling of leaves, and the changing of seasons.

Prismatic Vistas

Caparocti Sunborn (Official Lost Caverns of Ixalan Preview Card)

Dora introduces us all to Caparocti Sunbon, our official preview card courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

15 Wins

Should You Buy the Arena Pre-Release Bundles for Lost Caverns of Ixalan?

Do the Arena Pre-Release Bundles have enough value to warrant their $90 price tag? We dive into the economics of Arena to find out.