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Mirror Gallery

Behind the Brush: Hari & Deepti

Donny takes a look behind the captivating full art basics from Wilds of Eldraine, to see the truth of their unique design.

Prismatic Vistas

Eldraine Story Deep Dive: Beauty and the Werefox

Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time, but can Wizards creative team do it justice as they re-envision the classic for Eldraine?

15 Wins

On The Edge And Arena Fumbles

Get ready to live on the edge in this week’s Midweek Magic!

Commander Corner

Ratings Recap: Wilds of Eldraine Edition

Luka looks back at their initial impressions on Wilds of Eldraine, and how things shook out in reality.

Card Kingdom

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Rally the Rankings

Cards That Feel Better With Up The Beanstalk Out

Up the Beanstalk has a lot of chatter around it right now, but is it warranted? Ryan is here to look at some cards to play it with.

Commander Corner

Precon Upgrade Guide: Ellivere of the Wild Court

Luka takes a look at the new Green-White precon, and how players could get it running more smoothly.

Lowry Muses

Examining Gruff Triplets in Commander

Lowry looks at an exciting new roleplayer in the realm of big, swingy green creatures.

Casual Black Magic

Blue-Red Faeries in Modern

Faeries in Modern, at this time of year, in this current meta, localized across from Orcish Bowmasters? Sam would like to see.

Shattered Perceptions

Tapping into Wilds of Eldraine

Ryan revisits one of his all-time favorite archetypes, this time through the lens of a Commander deck based around tapping creatures.

Commander Corner

Deck Tech: Talion, the Kindly Lord

What’s the best number between 1 and 10? Luka is here for deck tech based around the new commander who has everyone talking.

15 Wins

Midweek Magic: Wilds of Eldraine Constructed

Get ready to bring all of your Wilds of Eldraine cards to battle in this week’s Midweek Magic event!