Death of a Naturalist

Rob talks about the recent loss of naturalist Rudy Mancke and how his passions overlap with Rob’s and with Magic the Gathering

Into the Caverns

Rob dives into the deep caves of Ixalan past and present to talk about the design and context of the old and new Ixalan expansions.

Faces of Death

To celebrate Halloween, Rob looks at all the death and violence and ultimately all the ways a planeswalker can die in a game of Magic.

A Ravnican Retrospective, Part 2

Rob continues his stroll down memory lane reviewing hits from the historic and game-changing Ravnica block

Card Kingdom

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A Ravnican Retrospective

Rob takes a trip down memory lane to talk about Ravnica: City of Guilds, a set now old enough to enlist in the army and vote.

Plaguing it Safe

Rob has a new standard brew inspired by… the black death? Am I reading this right? Rob, are you okay? Blink once if…

The Lure of the Goyf

Rob takes Standard’s newest Goyf legacies for a spin but will the resulting deck live up to its most infamous predecessors?

Magic’s Worst Real Estate

Rates are way too high right now to be investing in real estate, especially anything found in this invaluable guide to low-value properties.

Roles Call

Rob dives into roles and their… um… role (whatever, you couldn’t do better) in the fairy tale world of Eldraine.

Cash Crops

Can the Magic secondary market be predicted? Rob dives in to discover the answer to everyone’s financial woes.

An Expert Review of Eldraine’s Enchanting Tales (Part 2)

Rob and his special guest, Caitlin, continue their expert journey through the artwork of Eldraine’s Enchanting Tales.