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Mirror Gallery

Core Set 2020 Grand Art Tour

More new sets, more Grand Art Tours!

Mastering the Multiverse

Is Drafting on MTG Arena Worth It?

As we explore the value of the Mastery Pass system we need to consider the value of other game modes as well and today we take a look at Ranked Draft on MTG Arena.

Modern Super League

Team Modern Super League 2 Week 7 Recap

Would the Brothers Who Bash or the Brew Crew advance directly to the semifinals?

Color Commontary

Reintroduction to Pauper, Part 3 (and Core Set 2020)

It’s time to cover c-c-c-combo!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

The Long Walk

Protection from Red: Gideon on Ravnica

Something is rotten on Ravnica. And on Zendikar. Gideon is on the job. Both jobs.

Nova's Playbook

Revisiting Golgari Depths in Legacy

Dilks on Dark Depths.

Art Market Minute

Disenchant by Victor Adame Minguez Sells for $2,500

It is the tenth distinct illustration for Disenchant, tying it for second in Magic’s history.

Modern Super League

Team Modern Super League 2 Week 7 Decklists

What will the TMSL metagame look like after the banning of Bridge from Below?

Mastering the Multiverse

Can We Add Wildcard Packs to the Mastery Pass

Asking for a friend.


Rally Your Goblins

There’s a new ringleader for Modern Goblins.

Breaking News

Paradox Engine and Iona, Shield of Emeria Banned in Commander, Painter’s Servant Unbanned

Painter’s Servant was unbanned nearly 10 years after it was first banned for fueling too many unpleasant combos.