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Krark Clan Ironworks Banned In Modern

Ancient Stirrings and Mox Opal were also looked at, but survived…for now.

Leaving a Legacy

Aaron and Kate Return!

Old friends join the cast once again.

Vintage Super League

Vintage Super League Season 9, Week 1 Decklists

Now that’s a spicy meatball.

Thousand Leagues

Introducing Fantasy Leagues for Vintage Super League!

Try out our new Pick ‘Em tournaments!

Card Kingdom

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The Hipsters MTG Newsletter

Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition: $249.99, Available January 24

Plus: Challenger Decks return, Bertoncini banned for life, and the Spring 2019 set will be named War of the Spark.

Vintage Super League

Top 10 Cards in Vintage

Blue cards and busted artifacts, what a surprise.

Breaking News

Alex Bertoncini Given Lifetime Suspension from Magic by the DCI

Wizards of the Coast would not confirm what event precipitated the lifetime ban.

The Hipsters MTG Newsletter

Eli Kassis Wins GP Oakland…By Concession

Hunter Cochran said he needed to catch his flight home to make sure he made an important meeting Monday morning.

The Hipsters MTG Newsletter

France Wins the World Magic Cup

The WMC, RNA previews, the MPL 32, and…Faeries?!

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The 32 Players in the 2019 Magic Pro League

The 32 chosen players will get contracts worth up to $75,000.

Breaking News

Wizards Announces $10 Million Mythic Championships and Magic Pro League for 2019

There will be 10 Mythic Championships in 2019 with a $10 million prize pool.