Mizz Mizzet's Guide to Magical Manners

Guidelines for Gracious Gifting

Season Salutation Gentle Entities and Wassailing Wumpuses; This is the end of a delightful first year of delving into the […]

Polite Post-Election Playgroups

Do you struggle to plan polite Magic sessions when your group contains differing political views? Mizz Mizzet is here to help!

Appropriate Apportioning

We’ve all been there. Break-ups happen. Some stuff is easy to divide. Who gets the dog? The kids? No sweat. The Magic cards? Uh oh…

Caring Condolences

My dear Gentle Entities, and those who are mourning our communal loss. If you are not familiar with Sheldon Menery, […]

Card Kingdom

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Selective Situations

Our resident draconic expert in all forms of multiversal etiquette tackles a daunting question: is there such a thing as too many tutors?

Polite Proxy and Playtest

Mizz Mizzet helps a reader understand how to navigate the tumultuous waters of proxies.

Playing Pickup

Our resident draconic expert in all things weighs in on the deceptive challenges around playing games at your local game shop

Exacting Exits

This week our resident draconic etiquette expert tackles the difficulty of exiting a game group you no longer want to take part in.

Sixty Card Society

Do dragons have kitchen tables to play Magic at? Even so, Mizz Mizzet is here with advice on how to setup your best kitchen table Magic!

Auld Acquaintance

Magic, like life, is an ever changing place. Today, Mizz Mizzet tackles some hard questions about handling change.

Respectfully Recruiting One’s Roommate

What to do when your roommate is into games but not into Magic? Is it rude to intrude? Mizz Mizzet has you covered.