Mizz Mizzet's Guide to Magical Manners

Inviting Inquiries

A call to submit all your questions on tabletop gaming manners and etiquette for Mizz Mizzet to answer in future columns.

Imbibing by Invitation

Mizz Mizzet is here to tackle all of your gaming etiquette queries. This week the draconic delight discusses drinking.

Gracious Group Dynamics

Our resident draconic expert on etiquette fields mortal questions about the Pandemic, force apologies, and group dynamics.

Hints for Hosting Humans

How should one properly host a gaming sessions for a party human beings? Our resident draconic expert weighs in.

Card Kingdom

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Highlighting Hospitality

Ever wondered what gifts to bring to your first game session with a new group? Mizz Mizzet’s got your hospitality needs covered!

Directions for Delicate Discussions

Mizz Mizzet answers your questions!

Etiquette for Entities

Welcome to Mizz Mizzet’s inaugural etiquette advice column, where you can submit real questions about interpersonal gaming dynamics.