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Mirror Gallery

Wilds of Eldraine Grand Art Tour

Wilds of Eldraine features some amazing artwork. Donny dives deep into the set to find some of the best.


Hood for What Ails You

Rob dives into the artistic depictions and in-game usage of Hoods among wizards, witches, and executioners in fantasy artwork and Magic.

Swamp Talk

The Horror of rk post

Kyle’s continuing exploration of the color black in Magic brings him to one of the game’s masters of the dark arts: rk post.

Breaking News

MagicCon Minnie Art of Magic

The Art of Magic this past weekend at MagicCon Minneapolis set the bar for events to follow at future conventions. Find out why.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.


Johannes Voss and Original Magic Art Launch New Playmat Kickstarter for 2023

Voss and OMA collaborated on a Kickstarter in 2021, which raised $160,000.


Hit Point Press “Big Bads” Kickstarter for D&D 5th Edition

The two-volume collection features the “biggest, baddest bosses, monsters and more for 5e DnD” featuring illustrations by Magic artists.


Nils Hamm Launches Tokens and Playmat Kickstarter

Hamm is teaming up with Original Magic Art to produce limited edition prints and stitched playmats featuring his work.

Hipsters Presents

From Antique to Art: Too Valuable to Use?

Two artists created retro artifact art for The Brothers’ War using centuries-old antique paper.

Masterpiece Theater

Sketch Card Showcase—The Night Parade

Covering highlights from the recently fulfilled Kickstarter by Pabkins, aka Tabitha Jensen.

Mirror Gallery

Behind the Brush: Dominik Mayer

Mayer walks through his creative process for six cards from The Brothers’ War: the five Commands plus Visions of Phyrexia.

Mirror Gallery

The Brothers’ War Grand Art Tour

Each individual piece of art tells one of the micro-fictions that make up the larger story of The Brothers’ War.