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A Ravnican Retrospective, Part 2

Rob continues his stroll down memory lane reviewing hits from the historic and game-changing Ravnica block


A Ravnican Retrospective

Rob takes a trip down memory lane to talk about Ravnica: City of Guilds, a set now old enough to enlist in the army and vote.


More Ravnica Remastered Details and Retro Frame Card Previews!

If you love Magic’s old border, then you’ll love these Ravnica Remastered previews! Oh, and there will be anime card art, too.

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Magic’s 2024 (!), 2025 (!!), and 2026 (!!!) Sets Revealed at Gen Con

The next three years of Magic’s “Metronome” storyline have been set—from returns to Lorwyn and Tarkir, to Modern Horizons 3 and even an all-Villains expansion.