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Alchemy: Phyrexia, Preferred Printings, and More Coming To MTG Arena

The long-awaited ability to choose a default version of a card is finally coming to Arena!

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MTG Arena Midweek Magic Guide: Alchemy All-Access

Get to know the Alchemy format so you can get all of the rewards during Midweek Magic on MTG Arena!

Hipsters Presents

What Is Alchemy? A Primer On The Most Experimental Format

Luka gets you up to speed on everything you need to know about Alchemy on Magic Arena.

15 Wins

Picking a Deck for Midweek Magic: Into the Future

Check out the deck options for this week’s Midweek Magic event and pick the right one for you!

Card Kingdom

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Weekly MTG Brings us our First Look at Brothers War and the Power Nine are Coming to Alchemy

Weekly MTG’s monthly announcement episode brought the fire and the anvil.

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Teferi, Time Raveler Unbanned and Rebalanced in Historic

Teferi’s high power level resulted in it getting banned in Historic (until today), Standard, and Brawl. 

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Design of a Card: Key to the Archive

Zach finally got to play with Arena’s newest mechanic—spellbooks—thanks to Arena Cube.