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Swamp Talk

Cut That Out, Liliana

What’s in a name? What’s in a planeswalker’s abilities? Kyle takes a quick but deep dive into the powerhouse that is Liliana of the Veil.


Liliana and Ral Slated for Balance Changes in Upcoming Spellslingers Patch

Liliana and Ral have been dominating Spellslingers since release but that could change with the upcoming v1.01 patch.

Drawing Live

Design of a Card: Professor Onyx

Strixhaven preview season preempted itself with one of the most unusual Lilianas ever. Dive into the design of Professor Onyx.

The Long Walk

Jace Beleren—Useless Island Visions

In Part 5 of our exploration of Jace Beleren, he is visited by his past on Useless Island.

Card Kingdom

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The Long Walk

Jace Beleren—The Liliana Problem

Part 3 wraps up the pre-Ixalan story with a brutal assessment of Jace’s relationship with Liliana.

Dear Azami

What Will Happen to Liliana?

This above all: to thine own self be true.

Dear Azami

Liliana’s Demons

Levi analyzes the stories of Liliana confronting her demons.

Arting Around

Zombie Planeswalkers

Matt reflects on the new San Diego Comic Con zombie planeswalker promos.

Hope Eternal

Shadows Of Excitement

This week Kate review’s what we know about the original Innistrad block to discuss what she thinks will happen in Shadows Over Innistrad.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Standard Dimir Aristocrats

Carrie took the sweet Dimir Aristocrats deck to a top four finish at a local PPTQ.


A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth—Ravens

Following Liliana’s encounter with the Raven Man, we take a birds-eye view of the folklore and history surrounding ravens!