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Spellslingers Patch Set to Address Balance Issues with Drizzt

Drizzt has been the undisputed champion of the Spellslingers arena for the past three weeks, but that’s all set to change now.

Tenth Anniversary Top 10

Top 10 Spellslingers in Magic Spellslingers

Pick your spellslinger wisely with this handy top 10.

Tenth Anniversary Top 10

Top 10 Creatures In Magic Spellslingers

These ten creatures win games of Magic Spellslingers.


Preparing for the Spellslingers D&D Icons Expansion

The D&D Icons expansion will add 41 new cards to Spellslingers. Here’s how we’re getting ready for the new set.

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Liliana and Ral Slated for Balance Changes in Upcoming Spellslingers Patch

Liliana and Ral have been dominating Spellslingers since release but that could change with the upcoming v1.01 patch.