Five Reasons the New Magic Story is Better than the Old Magic Story

After reading 40+ of the legacy Magic novels, Rich discusses why the new Magic Story is a vast improvement

Aluren On My Mind

So you want to play Aluren in Legacy with the new and affordable Recruiter of the Guard? Jerry tells you how.


Jerry takes Kaya, Ghost Assassin out for a spin in Legacy.

Enjoy Your Food

Derek goes on vacation and finds time to enjoy the process, both in life and Magic.

Silence, Exile, and Cunning—Phasing Out

I’m phasing out, but where am I going?

Developments in Durdling—Resolving

Another Year another batch of New Year’s Resolutions, and Predictions and some odd musings. Each year I look back and […]

It’s Time to Unban Bloodbraid Elf

Derek continues our B&R announcement predictions before the Pro Tour. It’s time to unban Bloodbraid Elf.

Burn the Bridge and Build a New One

Shawn talks about the end of Ensnaring Cambridge and the beginning of a new series.

Hope Eternal – Scrubbing Productively

You don’t have to win to make a tournament day productive

What We Learned—Before it Was Cool

Happy Monday everyone! Zac Clark here, subbing in for Rich, who got married this weekend. We figured that’s a fair […]

Frame On You, Wizards!

Matt angrily talks about the history of Magic border graphic design.

10 Questions: The Geekery HQ!

In the wake of a sort of Black hole that that summer has been for me with Magic (between 20ss […]