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What We Learned

The Top 10 Things You Should (Not) Immediately Do If You Open the 1/1 Copy of “The One Ring” (Number Seven Might Actually Be Worth It)


What We Learned

Could the Magic Community Force Wizards of the Coast to Repeal Magic’s Reserved List?

If the D&D community could force Wizards to completely backtrack its OGL decisions, what can the Magic community accomplish?

Breaking News

Lorcana: The First Chapter Release Date, Products and Packaging Revealed

Disney Lorcana unveiled the release date and product line for The First Chapter, the premier expansion of their new card game.

52 in 52

How Did Urza Mess Up This Badly?

Rich dives into the history of Urza’s war with Phyrexia and how it sets up the modern Magic story arc featuring Urza’s disciples.

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What We Learned

Should Magic Fans Be Worried About the Leaked Dungeons and Dragons OGL?

What is the Dungeons and Dragons OGL and should it concern Magic fans?

What We Learned

How to Collect Dominaria Remastered, Part One: Pack Distribution and Basic Lands

Just because they’re reprints doesn’t mean they’re not collectibles. Find out how to get the new hotness from Dominaria Remastered

15 Wins

2023 Magic Arena Decathlon Guide, Part 3: Mixed Dominarian Sealed

What the heck is Dominarian Sealed? Find out to master the Decathlon!

15 Wins

2023 Magic Arena Decathlon Guide, Part 4: Gift Bag Emblem Standard

The Gift Bag Emblem is here to deliver all the gifts Santa forgot about.

15 Wins

2023 Magic Arena Decathlon Guide, Part 2: Pauper

Pauper will be the second of the ten-events featured in the Decathlon. Are you ready?

15 Wins

2023 Magic Arena Decathlon Guide, Part 1: Jump In!

The Decathlon is almost here and kicks off this Sunday with two events including Jump In!

Hipsters Presents

Hipsters of the Coast’s Best of 2022 Countdown, Part 4 – #2 and #1

We close out the year by looking at the top two Hipsters articles of the year. You won’t want to miss these.