John Dale Beety

Guest Author


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Magic: The Gathering Illustrates the Hierarchy of Genres

JDB takes a look at the classical Hierarchy of Genres, a means of categorizing the importance of artwork, and applies it to Magic illustration

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How Magic: The Gathering Says Goodbye

In light of Sheldon Menery’s passing, John Dale Beety explores how Magic represents, celebrates, and honors death.

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Three Attitudes Toward the Past

There’s nothing like standing next to a real-life Dolmen Gate to inspire thoughts on how Magic settings treat the past. […]

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Ghalta and Mavren (and the Money Man Who Made Them)

John Dale takes us on a deep numismatic dive for a depiction of an unlikely pair.

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From Antique to Art: Too Valuable to Use?

Two artists created retro artifact art for The Brothers’ War using centuries-old antique paper.

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Secret Lair: Jewelry

What might a Secret Lair: Jewelry look like?

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The Commissioner: How to Be Your Favorite Maker’s Dream Client

JDB goes over the do’s and don’ts when commissioning any kind of art—and shows off his custom Brokers Charm desk seal.

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Notes on Commander as “Camp”

In Commander, winning matters less than the social experience.