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Remembering Sheldon Menery – A Magic Community Leader

We remember Sheldon Menery, Godfather of Commander, Hall of Fame Judge, and pillar of the Magic the Gathering community


Post-Crisis: Private Industry, Product Protection, Pinkerton and Wizards of the Coast

A detailed and factual summary of the events and allegations surrounding Wizards of the Coast’s re-acquisition of leaked product.

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MagicCon Minnie Art of Magic

The Art of Magic this past weekend at MagicCon Minneapolis set the bar for events to follow at future conventions. Find out why.


Wizards Withdraws New Open Gaming License, Moves SRD 5.1 to a Creative Commons License

The OGL 1.0a will stay remain in effect after weeks of controversy over a proposed changes.

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Wizards of the Coast’s Week of Wild Rides with the D&D OGL

Get caught up on all of this week’s D&D OGL news!

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Wizards of the Coast Releases Detailed Statement About the Dungeons and Dragons OGL

Wizards of the Coast has come under attack in recent days for changes to the Dungeons and Dragons Open Game License (OGL)