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15 Wins

Midweek Magic: Bot Drafting The Brothers’ War

Get ready to bot draft with giant robots!

Lowry Muses

Approaching Urza, Lord Protector

Lowry comes around to the idea of multiplayer Magic, thanks to the nature of having Urza at the helm.

Drawing Live

Mechanics in Review: The Brothers’ War

Zach delivers a thoughtful and candid look on The Brothers’ War’s mechanics.

Hipsters Presents

From Antique to Art: Too Valuable to Use?

Two artists created retro artifact art for The Brothers’ War using centuries-old antique paper.

Card Kingdom

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15 Wins

The Brothers’ Brawl, a Qualifier Weekend, and More this Week on Arena

A roundup of this week’s Arena news!

Hipsters Presents

Looking Back On The Best Magic: The Gathering Mechanics of 2022

There were a lot of mechanics in 2022, but here are the ones that rise above the others.

Mirror Gallery

Behind the Brush: Dominik Mayer

Mayer walks through his creative process for six cards from The Brothers’ War: the five Commands plus Visions of Phyrexia.


Tracking the Legacy of Magic’s Corrupt

Corrupt has been with us for almost 25 years. Fittingly, it returns for The Brothers’ War.

Drawing Live

The Brothers’ War Limited Week 1

The Brother’s War Limited is out! It’s kind of awesome and presents unusual challenges.

Mirror Gallery

The Brothers’ War Grand Art Tour

Each individual piece of art tells one of the micro-fictions that make up the larger story of The Brothers’ War.

15 Wins

Magic Arena Free to Play Guide: The Brothers’ War Edition

After a brief hiatus, Rich is back with more Magic Arena Free to Play guides for the latest set.