Magic: The Gathering artist Nils Hamm and Josh Krause of Original Magic Art have launched a Kickstarter of tokens, playmats and prints of the artist’s massive body of work.

Featuring original art tokens alongside officially licensed playmats and prints from the artist’s catalog of close to 200 Magic: The Gathering illustrations, it is the first Kickstarter offering of this combination of Hamm’s personal and commercial oeuvre. Hamm was the very first artist to work with OMA according to the campaign, making this collaboration, all these years later, even more exciting.

The 30 Tokens, all with new artwork by Nils Hamm

This campaign begins showcasing a new collection of 30 tokens to be used for Magic: The Gathering, each featuring brand new artwork created by the artist in his signature style. They are available in non-foil, as well as a premium, layered foil.

Foil Faerie Rogue Token, in collaboration with Seb McKinnon

While 30 designs are initially available, more tokens are set to be unlocked as stretch goals as the campaign continues.

The Kickstarter also features playmats of Hamm’s most popular images, and offers five different artworks at the outset:

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Five Different Playmat Options: Baleful Strix, Everdream, Gilder Bairn, March of Otherwordly Light, and Lucid Dreams 

From classics like Everdream, to the ever-recognizable Baleful Strix and Gilder Bairn, to new hits like Lucid Dreams and March of Otherwordly Light, these are sure to be popular with players and collectors alike. Stretch goals will be set here as well to unlock additional designs as things progress.

Each extended-art playmat has the high-quality and widely popular stitched edge. As with most of the OMA Kickstarters, these mats are limited, and in this case will never be reprinted with a stitched edge outside of the demand for this campaign. They will also come stamped as opposed to signed, with a unique stamp, designed by Hamm, applied at the close of the campaign.

And to finish, most of these playmat options will be available as super limited edition, extended art 16” x 24” prints, printed with museum-quality archival inks on premium watercolor paper, and signed by the artist.

Baleful Strix by Nils Hamm Limited Edition Print

This campaign also marks the return of card-sized Certificates of Authenticity, available as an add-on product, for both prints and playmats

Nils Hamm style is a blend of dark art and chaos alongside whimsy and wonder, wholly unique within the game of Magic and now available to the world as signature game pieces for all to enjoy. This is an opportunity not to be missed; become a backer today!

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