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Drawing Live

Mastering Modern Cube

Zach breaks down Magic Online’s new Modern Cube. Learn how it stacks up against the competition and what you need to win your next draft!

What We Learned

What is Magic Digital Next?

Just what do we actually know about Magic Digital Next? What’s real? What’s speculation? What should you do with your MTGO collection?

None Shall Pass Bombs

Trophy Mage

Brendan spent the weekend in the single-elimination online draft leagues.

Eternal Durdles

Online Dating

Nate and Zac talk about Fatal Push’s impact on the Legacy metagame and Worth’s departure from MTGO.

What We Learned

The 2017 Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS)

Rich investigates the newly-announced changes to the Magic Online Championship Series.

Drawing Live

Making a Magic Online Cube, Part 1

Do you want to win the official Magic Online “You Make the Cube” contest? Zach’s here to help.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Online Draft Leagues

Draft leagues are coming to Magic Online! Brendan breaks down the exciting news.

None Shall Pass Bombs

The Clock and Online Metagames

Brendan built an online PTQ sealed deck that was too slow for the clock. The online metagame is plagued by this across formats.

What We Learned

2016 Bold Predictions Revisited

Rich checks in on his predictions for Magic in 2016.

Hope Eternal

MTGO Disappointments

This week Kate talks about why she gave up on MTGO.

What We Learned

Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease League

Wizards has been doing great things lately with Magic Online. Sure there are still a lot of bugs and issues […]

Bringing to Light

Control in Pauper

This week, Lexie talks about the different type of control decks played in Pauper.