Tower, Mines & Fine Lines

The Graveyard in Game One

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Ravnica Allegiance Modern Contenders

Which cards from Ravnica Allegiance could make waves in Modern?

The Past Year in Modern

Emma reflects on the year 2018 in Modern, and what the format might see in the new year.

Ultimate Masters Commander Pickups

How can Ultimate Masters improve your Commander decks?

Card Kingdom

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Ultimate Masters Modern Pickups

Emma tells you which Ultimate Masters cards to pick up for your Modern collection.

Teaming Up at Grand Prix Liverpool

Emma walks through her team’s deck choices for Team Unified Modern at Grand Prix Liverpool last weekend.

Grand Prix Atlanta Modern Breakdown

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Emma breaks down the new hotness in Modern, starring Vengevine and Bridge from Below.

Only Time Will Tell

Emma interviews Zach Allen about his innovative Modern UW Extra Turns deck.