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Death’s Shadow

Leveling Up

The Next Chapter of Modern

Zack turns the page in Modern and picks winners and losers.

Leveling Up

Top of the Throne

Get your early Throne of Eldraine Standard reactions—if you’re a Jund mage.

The Rapport

Modern: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

A guide for navigating the new Modern metagame.

Leveling Up

Move Mardu out of the Shadow

What flavor of Death’s Shadow is best in Modern?

Card Kingdom

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The Rapport

Ravenous Traps and How to Escape Them

Don’t let this happen to you!

The Rapport

The Future of Death’s Shadow

Will Mardu or Grixis Death’s Shadow be the best Shadow deck once Hogaak is gone?

The Rapport

Guiding You Through the Shadows: A Mardu Death’s Shadow Primer

Without a shadow of a doubt—Death’s Shadow is back!

The Rapport

Back from the Shadows: Winning an MCQ with Mardu Death’s Shadow

Death’s Shadow is back, baby!

Leveling Up

What Not to Do in Modern

Don’t go into the marsh!

The Rapport

Modern is Back in Black

Some thoughtsies about Thoughtseize.

The Rapport

When Shadows Fall

So you want to play Death’s Shadow in Modern? Here’s how to decide if that is a good idea.