Allison Warfield



Grinding It Out

Where to Start with Modern Horizons

There are so many new cards in Modern Horizons and Ally tells you which decks to start trying them in.

Grinding It Out

Going Back to Green-Black in Cleveland

Ally rocks Cleveland.

Grinding It Out

The Evolution of Nexus

It’s a veritable Nexus of Nexuses over here.

Grinding It Out

Delver Returns to Legacy

Insects all over the Top 8 at SCG Syracuse.

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Grinding It Out

Contemporary Modern Decks

Do you need to play Modern in the next few weeks? Did Ally lose a bet?

Grinding It Out

Improving Your Game

Everyone wants to get better at Magic. But how?

Grinding It Out

Legacy Eldrazi Post Crash Course

Eldrazi Post does some work in Legacy.

Grinding It Out

Standard after Indianapolis

Ally tells you what impressed her from Standard at SCG Indianapolis.

Grinding It Out

Now What Do I Play in Modern?

Ally has some answers.

Grinding It Out

Prepping for Prerelease Weekend

Ally is here to help you choose a guild for your Ravnica Allegiance prerelease.

Grinding It Out

Why Ancient Stirrings Should be Banned in Modern

Ban Ancient Stirrings? What about Faithless Looting? Why not unban Ponder?