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Command of Etiquette—A Casual Knight in a Competitive Mecca

Jess gives a minor tournament report on the SCG Invitational, in which she did … respectably?

What We Learned—Khans of Tarkir at PAX Prime

We rank the top five Khans of Tarkir spoilers from this weekend’s PAX Prime Magic Party

Power and Toughness—Junk, Cascade, and Maria Lassnig

Matt walks through his week in Magic, his thoughts on Shardless BUG, and Marina Lassnig’s show at PS1.

Developments in Durdling—Block Science and Online Antics

Zac Clark shares his gut reaction to the new block format and talks about the pitfalls of easy access to MTGO.

Scrub Report—Judgment Call

Tony talks about learning to make the decisions that matter in Magic and life.

23/17—RIP, Three-Set Magic Blocks

Alas, poor three-set blocks! I knew them, Maro; sets of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!

Counting to 20—The Other Black Deck

Introducing Hipsters’ newest author, Portland’s Gabe Carleton-Barnes, and his 20 reasons to play Mono-Black Aggro!

Hope Eternal—The Legacy Meta: 2014 Third Quarter Review

How’d each of the various Legacy archetypes do, compared to last quarter? Tim has the numbers for you!

None Shall Pass Bombs—Deck, Interrupted

Brendan is feeling a disconnect from MTGO.

Grinding It Out—Map of Every “Dewey” PTQ

This week we are happy to present a map of every PTQ for Pro Tour “Dewey”