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Hope Eternal—FNM Habits

This week Kate shares her observations from running FNM.

None Shall Pass Bombs—The Clock and Online Metagames

Brendan built an online PTQ sealed deck that was too slow for the clock. The online metagame is plagued by this across formats.

Command of Etiquette—Five Short Graybles

Jess shares five quick thoughts on everything from the EMA print run to the siren’s call of Overwatch.

From the Sideboard—The Design of Emrakul

So, how good is the new Emrakul? How does she line up with her previous incarnation, and why is she a better or worse design?

From the Spice Cabinet—Punishing Passage

This week we have Jerry’s fourth article on Folor Color Punishing Passage! As per usual there is some Spice in here!

Drawing Live—Executing the Design of Eldritch Moon

We finally know the big bad of Eldritch Moon. This character creates some enormous design challenges. Zach tells us what Eldritch Moon will need to address.

What We Learned—Nahiri vs. Sorin

Rich reviews the history between Nahiri and Sorin as we begin the previews for Eldritch Moon!

52 in 52—The Monsters of Magic

This week Rich reviews the Magic story anthology, Monsters of Magic.

Hope Eternal—Learn How to Shuffle

This week Kate discusses one of the core elements of Magic: the shuffle.

Command of Etiquette—Murder Simulators and You

Jess ponders the relationship between single-player game mechanics, social isolation, and the degree to which we have acclimated ourselves to the constancy of mass murder.