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Command of Etiquette—We All Fall Down, Part Two

Jess finishes her takedown of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015, focusing on the breakdown of the ways the game is a letdown. Down.

Drawing Live—M15 Quick Hits

Heading to Portland? Zach breaks down some of the basics of M15 Limited for you.

Power and Toughness—There’s No “I” in Team Draft League

Matt tells us his GP Worcester deck choice, announces a drawing project he’s working on, and talks about his awesome new Team Draft League team.

What We Learned—San Diego Comic Con

This week we break down all of the Magic information from San Diego Comic Con, including Khans, From the Vault, and Commander 2014.

Developments in Durdling—Tell me a Story

Zac looks at some of the problems with the Vorthos end of the game.

Scrub Report—The 60 Card Shuffle

Tony prepares to enter Standard and considers Coursers, Thoughtseize, and silly UR artifact decks.

Modern Hero—GP Boston Prep

This week Modern Hero gets prepped for Grand Prix Boston by analyzing key matchups and making some final changes to the deck

23/17—Five Winning M15 Draft Decks

Hunter went deep on M15 draft over the past week, crushing it with some aggressive builds. Find out which cards were all-stars!

Hope Eternal—The Modern Metagame*, So Far

*as per the PTQ results from the current season

None Shall Pass Bombs—Hello Magic 2015

Brendan says hello to Magic 2015 drafting.