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Modern Institute of Technology—Bloom Titan’s Perfect 60

Shawn discusses the “flex slots” in Modern Bloom Titan.

Drawing Live—Turn Against the Hype

Turn Against is the brand new mythic uncommon Ray of Command we’ve all been waiting for! …right? No. Not exactly. Here’s why it’s good, but not insane.

Hope Eternal – Why I Love Modern

This week Kate follows up on last weeks article to discuss reasons why she loves Modern.

A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth—Tricksters

This week, we join Kiora as she returns to join the Battle for Zendikar and learn about tricksters throughout myth, religion, and history!

Silence, Exile, and Cunning—BFZ, MTGO, You and Me

Derek talks MTGO, BFZ Limited and Standard, and a discovery that gave him a competitive edge for the new formats.

Command of Etiquette—Pronoun Potential

Jess muses about the “he or she” clause on many Magic cards, and wonders if Wizards could lead the way on a gender-neutral pronoun.

None Shall Pass Bombs—My Battle Among the Trees

Brendan bested some pros to take down his Battle for Zendikar prerelease.

Ensnaring Cambridge—Burn the Bridge and Build a New One

Shawn talks about the end of Ensnaring Cambridge and the beginning of a new series.

Bargaining Table—SURPRISE DEPLOYMENT: Guest Specs!

Guest Hipster Brendan McNamara stops by the Table to muse on Khans-block cards that might gain surprise employment in post-rotation Standard!

Hope Eternal – Problems with Modern

This week Kate reviews some popular gripes with Modern