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Arting Around—Enter the Battlefield Review

Matt reviews the new Magic Pro Tour documentary, Enter the Battlefield.

Hope Eternal—Eternal Masters Hopes

This week Kate talks about her hopes and dreams for Eternal Masters before Wizards dashes them across the rocks.

None Shall Pass Bombs—The Future of the Pro Tour

Brendan examines the challenges facing the Pro Tour in the future.

Command of Etiquette—Influential Tactics

Jess shares some strategies for influencing people in life and in multiplayer Magic.

Modern Institute of Technology—SCG Modern States, Part One

Shawn discusses the first wave of results from SCG Modern States.

Drawing Live—No More Modern, Again

Two years ago, they tried and failed to remove the Modern Pro Tour. Will the decision stick this time?

What We Learned—Platinum

This week we talk about the upcoming changes to appearance fees and the World Championship prize pool and how the math works out.

52 in 52—Time Streams

When we left Urza he had survived confronting Gix thanks to the sacrifice if his only true friend, Xantcha. Now, years later he is the disguised Master Malzra, head of the Tolarian Academy.

Developments in Durdling—Pact Wars

Zac Clark is going full on Daniel Webster this weekend! Unleash the Pact.

Hope Eternal—Walker Texas Ranger

This week Kate talks about the new toys that she gets to play with in Legacy. Behold, Walker Texas Ranger.