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Doomed Travelers—The Anatomy Of A Siege Rhino

Join the Doomed Travelers as they dive deep into the process Wizard’s R&D might have used to develop Siege Rhino before it was printed in Khans of Tarkir!

Command of Etiquette—All About That ‘Base

Jess talks about basic land choice. It’s not a heavy topic.

None Shall Pass Bombs—Tasigur in Charge

Brendan tells you why you should play Tasigur in Standard, and why Sidisi Whip is the best way to do it.

Spoiler Season!—Dragons of Tarkir

Dragons of Tarkir is here! Join the Hipsters as they make foolish predictions about cards they’ve never played!

Silence, Exile, and Cunning—Controlling My Fate

I put this off for far too long. My GP Miami prep continues…

Ensnaring Cambridge—Wolfpack Invitational Report **1st**, Part One

Shawn talks about taking down the first ever Wolfpack Invitational, a cube-a-thon for the ages.

Papa Longo’s Storytime—Monkey Honeymoon

Papa Longo and his crew of Lucky Chumps battle the Monkey Honeymoon, all while enjoying a Club-Mate.

Drawing Live—Making a First Impression

Zach had the privilege of welcoming someone into his LGS community this past weekend. If everyone pitches in by being a little nice, all communities are better for it.

Doomed Travelers—Tempest Remastered and Digital Magic

Join the Doomed Travelers as as they discuss the upcoming digital-only Tempest Remastered release and what it means for the future of digital Magic.

Power and Toughness—Playing with Monsters

Matt plays Standard even though he always says he won’t.