Making a Magic Online Cube, Part 1

Do you want to win the official Magic Online “You Make the Cube” contest? Zach’s here to help.

Where I Went Wrong (Not Just Another Clickbait Trash Article)

This week Rich reflects on the broad spectrum of community reactions to last week’s column on the challenges that Wizards faces with gender and minority representation.


Welcome to our 2016 52 in 52 series. This year I will be reading 52 Magic: the Gathering novels spanning […]

Episode 6—SCG Jersey Conclusions/Leovold

Zac and Nate go over their lesson from SCG NJ Legacy

Aluren Overlords

This week Kate talks about the incoming of Aluren and how the deck works.

Grouped Innovations

Jess talks about how Conspiracy 2 fits into Wizards’s attempts to expand their offerings for the casual crowd.

Online Draft Leagues

Draft leagues are coming to Magic Online! Brendan breaks down the exciting news.

A Casual Player’s Review of One Night in Karazhan’s Second Wing: The Opera

Rich gives a casual player’s look at Karazhan’s second wing: The Opera, including some deck ideas to get through the bosses with only Basic cards.

Legacy of Dr. Teeth

Feeling nostalgic? Aaron visits the idea of bringing Psychatog back and into Legacy.

Updating Horror Delver

Modern Horror Delver is back from its first tournament and ready to transform to its other side: Horror Moon.

Introducing the 10 White Men who Designed and Developed Conspiracy: Take the Crown

Rich takes a look at the design and development teams for Conspiracy: Take the Crown and notices a very disturbing lack of diversity


This week Rich reviews Planeshift, the second novel of the Invasion block and the penultimate novel of the story of Urza Planeswalker.