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Standard Deviation—Lok’Tar, Warrior!

Duncan celebrates the new World of Warcraft expansion by putting together a celebration (in deck form) of his class: Black/White Warriors!

None Shall Pass Bombs—Thanks for All the Fish

Brendan gives thanks to the wonderful Brooklyn Magic community as he leaves for new adventures in the Mile High city.

Ensnaring Cambridge—Building a Cruelty-Free Grixis in Modern

Shawn rehashes the idea of Grixis Control in Modern and offers a new list.

Silence, Exile, and Cunning—Grand Prix New Jersey Report: Day 2

Check out how I fare at my first Grand Prix day two!

Command of Etiquette—Guest Etiquette 1

Clayton talks about finding alternate win conditions in Commander when you know you’re gonna die.

Drawing Live—No More MODO

Zach used to draft online twenty or so times a week (and stream it all). He doesn’t play online at all anymore. Why?

What We Learned—Second Anniversary Edition

This week marks two years of What We Learned. We take a look back at the past 12 months of ranting.

Power and Toughness—Grand Prix New Jersey: Black Lotus

Matt makes one trade to rule them all and some Power is involved.

Counting to 20—Let It Go

GCB confronts tournament politics, bad beats, and taking responsibility at a PTQ.

23/17—Competitive Khans of Tarkir Sealed

Hunter ditched GP New Jersey side events for Twenty Sided Store’s awesome competitive Khans of Tarkir sealed event, and was rewarded with a PTQ-crusher of a pool.