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Command of Etiquette—We All Fall Down, Part One

Jess talks about the many failings of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015, a once-mighty product fallen on hard times.

Drawing Live—Repetition

Why do some folks get riled up by mana screw and flood while others take it in stride? Zach’s got one explanation: repetition.

Scrub Report—How to 2-2 Your Local Chinese Prerelease

Tony tackles M15 prerelease in Shanghai and gives you some advice on how to build an extraordinarily mediocre sealed deck.

Power and Toughness—GPDC Part Three: The Art Part

Matt Jones finishes his epic GPDC trilogy by leaving the event site and visiting our Nation’s capitol (and art museums).

What We Learned—2014 Pro Tour Hall of Fame

This week we take a look at the candidates and the voting for the 2014 class of the MTG Pro Tour Hall of Fame

Developments in Durdling—A Week Off/Top 5 M15

Zac doesn’t often take time away from the game. But when he does ….

Modern Hero—Week Eight

We play our final week of Modern Hero at our LGS and spend it swimming with the sharks… er Merfolk-type sharks that is!

23/17—Aggressively Mining Magic 2015

Hunter goes 10-1 on the M15 prerelease weekend with Jund Monsters, red draw-sevens, and a tough-to-deal-with guardian angel.

Hope Eternal—Understand the Stream Is Over

Last night was the last stream Tim will get to host on our beloved Windows-98-looking V3 of MTGO. With that in mind, here’s one last set of stream recaps.

None Shall Pass Bombs—Farewell MTGO v3

Brendan says goodbye to MTGO version 3 with two sweet draft decks, one Vintage Masters and one Theros.