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Scrub Report—Scrubbing Off Part 2

Hipsters’ newest scrub, Garrett Gardner, continues the tale of his Grand Prix Baltimore run!

Counting to 20—Beating Your Nemesis

What is it about that one player that makes it so hard for you to win, and how do you overcome them?

23/17—Smashing Face in Fate Reforged Limited

Hunter’s been having some good success with smashy draft decks and grindy sealed decks in this young Fate Reforged Limited environment.

Doomed Travelers—Banned and Restricted

Join the Travelers as they discuss the updates to the Banned and Restricted list…all while playing Destiny!

None Shall Pass Bombs—Fate Reforged Cram Session

Brendan shares a sweet draft deck from his weekend testing the Fate Reforged while the snow blanketed Brooklyn.

Silence, Exile, and Cunning—Modern Week One Metagame

Have a look at my modern metagame analysis from week one at SCG DC.

Ensnaring Cambridge—Traversing Snow-Covered Lands

Shawn extols the virtues of snow-covered lands while snowed in at his apartment.

Drawing Live—Pack 1, Pick Common

Still figuring out how to draft Fate Reforged? Too distracted by bomb rares to learn common/uncommon pick orders? Zach’s here with Pack 1, Pick Common to help you ou!

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Bros Before Pros

Papa Longo’s first crack at drafting the new Fate Reforged set at the Dojo.

Command of Etiquette—Mona Alesha’s Smile

Jess attacks Alesha, Who Smiles at Death, and finds the whole experience rather rewarding.