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What We Learned—Eternal Masters and Rare/Mythic Reprint Ranks

This week we rank the rare and mythic reprints from Eternal Masters and look to the future of reprint products.

52 in 52—The Eternal Ice

Rich continues his 52 in 52 series, reviewing The Eternal Ice by Jeff Grubb.

Developments in Durdling—Masters Format

Zac Clark is upset with Aaron Forsythe’s reminder about No New Formats.

Hope Eternal—Blue Brew Part Two

Kate continues her brewing adventures in Legacy!

None Shall Pass Bombs—Los Angeles Modern Life

Fresh from Grand Prix Los Angeles, Brendan reports on Nahiri Jeskai and sideboarding in Modern.

Command of Etiquette—Why I’m a Hipster

Jess explains her attachment to the hipster label.

Modern Institute of Technology—Two PPTQs & Two GPs

Shawn discusses his experiences at two local PPTQs and recaps GPLA & GPCHAR

Drawing Live—Eternal Masters: Initial Limited Impressions

Eternal Masters spoiler season has begun! Let’s check out the cards most important to Limited: the commons and uncommons, and make some surprising inferences about the rest of the set!

From the Spice Cabinet—Mono Blue Thing in the Ice

This week Jerry comes back to show those Thing in the Ice brewers how it’s done! Always with a touch of Spice.

What We Learned—Announcements, Announcements, Announcements

Last week Wizards made a pretty significant announcement about announcements. Yes, that’s kind of meta.