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Counting to 20—GP Baltimore from the Booth

GCB spent an entire weekend at a Grand Prix and didn’t play any Magic. Here’s what he saw.

23/17—Crushing Fools at Grand Prix Baltimore, Day One

Hunter was lucky enough to open up The Deck at GP Baltimore last weekend. Find out how he did with it!

None Shall Pass Bombs—Khans Top Ten

Brendan breaks down his top ten Khans of Tarkir limited cards.

Standard Deviation—Why Aren’t We Playing These?

Duncan takes a look at his top five cards in Standard that (almost) no one is playing.

Silence, Exile, and Cunning—Cutting the Chord at GP Milan

Looks like Birthing Pod is still a contender in Modern! Let’s cut the Chord and see where we go.

Ensnaring Cambridge—Quietly Contemplating GP Baltimore, Part One

Shawn managed to make day two at GP Baltimore with his ten creature Jeskai sealed deck. Read on to find out how.

Drawing Live—Modern Jeskai Ascendancy

Zach had a blast with Modern Jeskai Ascendancy. Here’s what you need to know about the deck.

Command of Etiquette—Ob Nixilis Mansplains It All

“If you’re so smart explain this, Ob Nixilis!”

Power and Toughness—Live Journal GP Baltimore

Matt waxes poetic on his current Magic interests and how he may have done at GP Baltimore.

What We Learned—Expansion

This week we take a break from Magic to play the new expansions for Destiny and Hearthstone.