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Silence, Exile, and Cunning—Birthday Cube Drafting

I spent my birthday taking my cube on her maiden voyage!

Ensnaring Cambridge—Wandering in the Starfield of Nyx

Shawn discusses the possibilities for Starfield of Nyx in Standard and Modern.

Drawing Live—The Regional PTQ (Top 8)

One man. One mediocre Sealed pool. One RPTQ Top Eight. Here’s the story!

Doomed Travelers—More Magic Origins Spoilers

This week, the Doomed Travelers discuss some spoilers from Magic Origins, focusing on the brand new mechanics: Renown and Spell Mastery.

What We Learned—Magic Origins Spoilers for Everyone!

This week we’re going to take a look at the first half of Origins spoiler season and break down the best five spoilers by psychographic

Arting Around—Jesper Myrfors Interview

Matt interviews the famed original Magic art director and eclectic fantasy illustrator.

Developments in Durdling—Watch the Tram Car, Please

Zac Clark tries to focus on focusing.

A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth—Sphinxes

This week, we visit Vryn, the plane of Jace’s youth, and talk about Sphinxes in Magic and history!

Scrub Report—The Rabble

Scrub Reporter Kairi fights the clique-y world of competitive magic with Rabble Red, but is it enough to keep her excited about the game?

None Shall Pass Bombs—Magic Origins Mechanics

Brendan examines the new Magic Origins mechanics for limited.