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Drawing Live—Higher Level Card Evaluation

Why are pros good at Magic? What’s something they know that we don’t? They look for treasure where we see only trash. It’s time to reconsider eating your B.R.E.A.D., friends!

Hope Eternal—The Art of Altering

Kate reviews the work that goes into altering Magic Cards

Doomed Travelers—Pro Tour Magic Origins Recap

A shorthanded Doomed Travelers crew reviews Pro Tour Magic Origins and the massive upcoming changes to Organized Play.

A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth—Ravens

Following Liliana’s encounter with the Raven Man, we take a birds-eye view of the folklore and history surrounding ravens!

What We Learned—Improving the Pro Tour, Conclusion

This week we take what we learned from tennis, golf, and bowling and suggest radical changes for the Pro Tour

Developments in Durdling—The Boogeymen

Zac Clark talks shop about Shops and Dredge. Two of Vintage’s most maligned decks.

Scrub Report—Reflections From an MTG Parent

Scrub Reporter Daniel shares more wisdom for parents of kids playing Magic: The Gathering!

Bargaining Table—ACCEPTABLE LOSSES: Losing to Win

This week Stefano ponders whether there is a time for losing value in order to win value. Confused? Read on to learn more!

None Shall Pass Bombs—Origins Lessons from Dallas

Brendan shares three lessons about Magic Origins limited from his weekend at Grand Prix Dallas.