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Counting to 20—Let It Go

GCB confronts tournament politics, bad beats, and taking responsibility at a PTQ.

23/17—Competitive Khans of Tarkir Sealed

Hunter ditched GP New Jersey side events for Twenty Sided Store’s awesome competitive Khans of Tarkir sealed event, and was rewarded with a PTQ-crusher of a pool.

Hope Eternal—Another GP, Another Dolla’

Tim adds to his career tournament winnings, somewhat miraculously. Part 1 of 2 of his GPNJ experience

None Shall Pass Bombs—Scapeshift

Brendan faces the changing terrain of life, casts Scapeshift in response.

Ensnaring Cambridge—Revised Sealed at GP New Jersey

Shawn coughs up $100 to play a Sealed event featuring packs of Italian Revised. Was it worth it?

Silence, Exile, and Cunning—Grand Prix New Jersey Report: Day One

Check out my run at the recent Legacy Grand Prix!

Command of Etiquette—Addams Family Value

Jess makes an Addams Family themed Commander deck, named Addams Family Value.

Drawing Live—Cash in, Cash out

Zach’s got some new goodies from GPNJ and… doesn’t know what to do with them. Why do we obsess about value, anyway?

Power and Toughness—Interview with Adam Barnello

Matt Jones interviews friend, Magician, Channel Fireball writer, and music nerd Adam Barnello.

What We Learned—PPTQ Winners and Losers

The inaugural PPTQ season schedule was announced last week. We take a deep look at the global breakdown of events and what it means for you.