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None Shall Pass Bombs

Top Eight Two Drops of Core Set 2019

Carrie celebrates the best two drops of Core Set 2019.

None Shall Pass Bombs

A Quarter Century of Blue

Carrie explores the best archetype in Masters 25 draft: blue cards.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Masters 25 Sealed

Getting ready to play a Masters 25 Sealed tournament this weekend? Carrie breaks down some key commons and uncommons.

None Shall Pass Bombs

The Hammer With Masters

Carrie drafted Modern Masters 2017 last week to help prepare you to be disappointed as you crack boxes of Masters 25.

Card Kingdom

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Conjured Currency

What’s the Point of Reprints Anyways?

25th Anniversary Masters is full of reprints and 148 of them are seeing their first paper booster product reprint ever, but what’s the point?

None Shall Pass Bombs

Masters 25 Limited Speculation

Carrie guesses at some cards that might fill out the Masters 25 Liited environment.

Shattered Perceptions

2003 Commander

Ryan has two 25th Anniversary Masters previews to show off today and a nostalgic take on Commander to let them shine.

Eternal Durdles

Masters 25 Predictions

Zac introduces Phil Blechman our new substitute co-host, Nate’s sick this week. Phil and Zac take pot shots at the contents of M25, one guess from each set!