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Magic’s 2022 Time Capsule

Rob reminisces over the good times and the downright exhausting times of 2022, and picks his 7 most memorable cards of the year.

Shattered Perceptions

Top Precon Commanders of 2022

Ryan discusses his favorite legendary creatures that came in 2022 Commander preconstructed decks.

Hipsters Presents

Hipsters of the Coast’s Best of 2022 Countdown, Part 1 – #10, #9, and #8

It’s the end of the year and that means it’s time to reflect on the past.

What We Learned

Looking Back at the Secret Lairs of 2022, Part Two

Welcome back for the conclusion of our review of 2022’s Secret Lair Drops!

Card Kingdom

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What We Learned

Looking Back at the Secret Lairs of 2022, Part One

Take a journey back through an incredible year of Secret Lair Drops

Shattered Perceptions

Shattered Expectations and the Eldrazi

Ryan updates his Shattergang Brothers Eldrazi deck and reflects on the new cards 2022 brought to the table for the archetype.

Drawing Live

The State of Magic in 2022

State of Design 2022 is out, and the year was defined by communication issues.

Drawing Live

State of Play 2022

With another year of Premier sets in the books, now’s as good a moment as any to take stock of the game.