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52 in 52

The Myths of Magic

This week we continue our weekly book review series as Rich picks back up with the Magic Anthology series with The Myths of Magic

Eternal Durdles

EMA w/ Nathan Golia

Zac debuts the Eternal Durdles podcast!

None Shall Pass Bombs

Eternal Masters Sealed

Brendan provides some guidance for Eternal Masters sealed tournaments.

Modern Institute of Technology

Standard Grixis PPTQ Report

Shawn writes about his recent Standard PPTQ win playing Grixis.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Drawing Live

An Ode to Man-o’-War

Zach sings a song of praise to the greatest blue creature of all time: Man-o’-War.

What We Learned

All Apologies

Rich shakes his head at the latest clueless marketing decision depicting violence against women.

52 in 52

The Purifying Fire

This week we review The Purifying Fire, which one might consider a very early prequel of sorts to Oath of the Gatewatch as it features Chandra as the hero and a supporting cast that includes Gideon and Jace.

Hope Eternal

Eternal Masters Realizations

This week Kate talks about how she feels about Eternal Masters now that spoilers are out.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Last Exit to the RPTQ

Brendan took a shot at qualifying for Pro Tour Sydney last weekend, snagging a last chance slot for the Denver RPTQ.

From the Sideboard

Never Concede

Brendan brings you some bonus advice not to concede, with a couple recent examples from his tournaments.

What We Learned

Eternal Masters and Rare/Mythic Reprint Ranks

This week we rank the rare and mythic reprints from Eternal Masters and look to the future of reprint products.