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On Variants in Pauper

Mike and Adrian talk about what makes the difference in specific archetypes for their respective sub-archetypes.

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Checking in on Pauper Challenges

It’s been a minute here since we checked in on the state of organized play for Pauper!

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Ultimate Masters Pauper Set Review

Mike and Adrian review how Ultimate Master will impact Pauper.

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Penultimate Masters

Mike and Adrian talk Fire // Ice and Temur Tron.

Card Kingdom

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Organized Play Changes Featuring TheMaverickGirl

Kendra Smith, AKA: TheMaverickGirl, joins the podcast.

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Standard Pauper on MTG Arena

Wait, MTG Arena has Pauper?

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Robots and Tokens and Combat, Oh My!

Mike and Adrian take some listener questions.

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An Interview with Gavin Verhey

Gavin Verhey joins the cast to talk about his love of pauper as a format.

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Creme de la Creme

Mike and Adrian ask if Tron and Familiars the best decks in the Pauper.