Season 9 of the Vintage Super League continues next Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern (GMT -5). We’re running a series of articles to celebrate, like our intro to VSL Season 9 and our rundowns of the Top 5 Decks in Vintage and the Top 10 Cards in Vintage. Plus, we’re running a few VSL fantasy leagues on Thousand Leagues!

Week 3 of the Vintage Super League’s ninth season is in the bag. After dropping only one game, Seth Manfield joins Randy Buehler in the undefeated bracket.

Season 9 of VSL is organized into four groups of four players. Group C features Rachel Agnes, Erin Campbell, Seth Manfield and Brian Kelly, who played a full round-robin tournament this past Tuesday night. The competitors brought a variety of decks to the event: Lavinia Thieves, The Full Monte, BUG Leovold and Flash Rector.


So, how did week one go for the players?

R1: Rachel Agnes (Lavinia Thieves) defeats Erin Campbell (The Full Monte) 2-0
R2: Seth Manfield (BUG Leovold) defeats Brian Kelly (Flash Rector) 2-1
R3: Rachel Agnes (Lavinia Thieves) defeats Brian Kelly (Flash Rector) 2-0
R4: Seth Manfield (BUG Leovold) defeats Erin Campbell (The Full Monte) 2-0
Seth Manfield (BUG Leovold) defeats Rachel Agnes (Lavinia Thieves) 2-0
R6: Brian Kelly (Flash Rector) defeats Erin Campbell (The Full Monte) 2-0

Seth Manfield (3-0)

BUG Leovold did a great job, gaining card advantage with Dark Confidant and restricting the opponents’ cantrips with the deck’s namesake Leovold, Emissary of Trest. Seth is unsure how his next showing will go, but perhaps we’ll see something more on the fringe side of Vintage from him?

Rachel Agnes (2-1)

Rachel dropped Lavinia on turn one and two throughout the night, stranding Moxen and Force of Will in her opponent’s hand. Lavinia Thieves proved strong in this metagame. She picked up her only loss to an unchecked Dark Confidant early in the game. I am excited to see what Rachel brings to the table next time; I hope it’s a fun and spicy one.

Brian Kelly (1-2)

Brian pushes the boundaries of playable, this time with Flash and Academy Rector. There’s not much better than a turn one Omniscience for two mana, if you really think about it. Emrakul saved him a loss, and we got to see a Rector die for Omniscience into Yawgmoth’s Bargain into Ugin with Painter’s Servant in play. Brian really got to live the dream, and I can’t wait to see what he does next time up.

Erin Campbell (0-3)

Erin played a fun deck but had draws that lined up poorly against her opponents. The Full Monte fell just short of full thanks to an Emrakul. Unfortunately her 0-3 start leaves her out of contention for the playoffs, but we can expect her to rise from the dead and dredge up some wins for her next showing in this season of VSL.

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