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Standard Eyes

Theros Beyond Death Standard Standouts

Pick up these cards at your prerelease to get a jump on Theros Beyond Death Standard!

Standard Eyes

Grinding Arena to Mythic in the Time of Oko

Play any colors you want, as long as they’re Simic.

Standard Eyes

Climbing to Mythic on Arena in Standard

Featuring a quartet of Questing Beasts.

Standard Eyes

Starting Points for Standard

Dig out these Standard cards now that rotation has arrived.

Card Kingdom

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Standard Eyes

Considering the Historic Format

Historic is the new non-rotating Constructed format for Arena! Will it make history or become history?

Standard Eyes

Prepare for Standard Rotation

Get a jump on Standard rotation with these persistent decks.

Standard Eyes

Core Set 2020 Standard Brews

Would you like some combo in your Core Set 2020 Standard?

Standard Eyes

Fancy Standard Technology

What forgotten cards could make a big difference at Mythic Championship III Las Vegas?

Thousand Leagues

The Most Important Cards in Standard

Teferi, Time Raveler may be the defining card of the format, but plenty of other cards help shape it, too.

Standard Eyes

Assessing the New Standard Metagame

What’s working in Standard so far?

Standard Eyes

Glimpses of War of the Spark Standard

These cards have sparked Daniel’s fancy.