Season 9 of the Vintage Super League continues today at 9 PM Eastern (GMT -5). We’re running a series of articles to celebrate, like our intro to VSL Season 9 and our rundowns of the Top 5 Decks in Vintage and the Top 10 Cards in Vintage. Plus, we’re running a few VSL fantasy leagues on Thousand Leagues!

1. Force of Will

72 points, 12 copies

2. Preordain

60 points, 10 copies

3. Mental Misstep

48 points, 8 copies

4. Snapcaster Mage

42 points, 7 copies

Look, I warned you when I previewed the Top 10 Cards in VintageForce of Will, Mental Misstep, and Preordain are played in 61%, 49%, and 45% of all Vintage decks, respectively. It’s always safe to bet on Blue in Vintage.

Snapcaster Mage is also a popular choice in Blue decks, but it is usually only played as a two-of in the 42% of Vintage decks that play it. Randy Buehler’s 3-0 performance with three copies in his Lavinia Xerox deck really put the card over the top this week.

5. Pyroblast

42 points, 7 copies

Pyroblast is one of the most common anti-Blue cards in Vintage, featured in about 20% of vintage decks as a one- or two-of. Buehler’s 3-0 with three copies of the card buoyed the card’s points this week.

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