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None Shall Pass Bombs

Busy, Busy, Busy

Times are busy, busy, busy. Magic and life come at you fast. Brendan tells you how to stay on your feet.

Hope Eternal

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

This week Kate warns about the importance of monitoring our community.

Drawing Live

The Power to Heal

Magic has more than just the power to create enjoyment. It can heal in times of need.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Only a Game

Brendan explores why politics should not be treated like a game.

None Shall Pass Bombs

I Might Be Wrong

Brendan reflects on the importance of skepticism in Magic and life.

Drawing Live

Game Design

Zach’s off in San Francisco for Game Developers Conference. He’s following his dream and encourages you all to do the same.

Hope Eternal

Real Life

This week Kate reflects on life and why she was absent last week.

Hope Eternal

Breaking Back In

This week Kate talks about the impact of taking a short break from making time for Magic.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Balance and Magic

Brendan reflects on work-life balance as a Magic player.

Developments in Durdling


It’s the end of the year. Everyone’s either looking forward or looking back. I fall in with the looking ahead crowd.

None Shall Pass Bombs


Brendan faces the changing terrain of life, casts Scapeshift in response.