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Shattered Perceptions

Survivor Commander

The greatest crossover event of the month.

Mirror Gallery

Donny’s 12 Rules for the Art Life

Good advice for enjoying art and supporting the community.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Un-Intuitive Magic

Carrie looks at a few interesting cards from Unstable preview week.

Hope Eternal

Worn and Torn

Kate discusses the much needed breakup between Wear//Tear and Counterbalance in Legacy Miracles.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Justice on Display

Carrie compares public justice on Pro Tour coverage and at the Supreme Court.

Command of Etiquette

This Rules Change Doesn’t Go Too Far Enough

Jess does a vaguely positive drive-by on the new Commander tucking rules change.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Five Weird Tricks

Carrie shares some weird interactions and scenarios from her recent tournament matches.

Counting to 20

The DCI vs Sportsmanship

What do the morph rule and the intentional draw rule have in common? GCB builds on LSV’s case against the morph rule.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Grand Prix Orlando, Part Two

Carrie reports from the day two draft tables at Grand Prix Orlando.